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Title: How to implement avatar creation software in Outerra?
Post by: Midviki on August 06, 2012, 11:30:12 pm
I had a really bad time wrapping this around my head, since I started doing models of plants , trees and other environmental stuff till the engine is released.And the thing that bothered me the most was, how do I make a custom character creation interface for the game?

Probably by now there are a lot of char creation software?Are there? That could be used and implement it in parallel with the Outerra engine.

But if not? And here I had that headache.. thinking? From where would I learn such thing? I mean.. there are a lot of game that have a such avatar/character creation interface that awaits you impatiently to make all your custom features of your desire before entering the world.And I would not agree that I would start pioneering from 0 now, in 2012 when there are so much many information on all websites and forums, and all kind of software that make your life easier, + the people that already made research about it.

So... I wanted to ask on gamedev forum about this, but I have made before topics there and there where only a bunch of yahoos that where looking as well for answers, trolling or discouraging and probably the same would have happened on others forums as well,anyway... anything but helping mostly they would have done! And the ones that knew probably didn't even bother to read all that stuff.. I mean.. why would they waste their time?

So.. I'm asking here.If there is any research where we all could read and learn.Or maybe some tips for the dev's here  ;D. Cause to be honest I was thinking and if I have to make/modify a model for a race, only lets say for a male avatar.I would need to create around 600-900 different kind of saves of the model for every different eyebrow, lip, nose, forehead, hair, chin, ears...etc.

All that trouble for just wanting to have a much more diversified set of features for every users avatar/character that they will play with.

So... I thought that I'm taking care of other objects of the world, why not take care of the bigger problems? And work on them, developing in silence.

So...(if I say "So..." one more time I will go mad...continue...) forget what I just said inside the parenthesis, but if I want to make 200-250 different type of races and different kind of features for all of those playable avatar... well.. then I will really go mad! I mean.. 200x7 different kind of eyebros x8 different kind of eyes x12 types of nose... etc.
I mean I can get like 30 students from a game club at the faculty to help for some cookies, beer and some knowledge.But like those many characters required at least 2000 employees. Well I'm new at this, please help me with this matter and probably others will benefit from this, and you ofc.
Title: Re: How to implement avatar creation software in Outerra?
Post by: ZeosPantera on August 06, 2012, 11:44:57 pm
APB reloaded's character creator is pretty insane but lacks the extremes of tall short fat skinny and skin color.
Title: Re: How to implement avatar creation software in Outerra?
Post by: Midviki on August 06, 2012, 11:51:11 pm
Ah, well that would be a problem  ;D. I have in mind every player to control their body heat, depending on zone,needing clothes appropriate to the zone.

And food! they would go hungry, lose efficiency, or if they eat too much ( probably royalties ) they would get fat.So fat/skinny is a problem.And skin color, I'm thinking that 90% of them they won't be white, half of them probably will be covered in hair of different colors.

Well I will check it, maybe I can crack it and get a glimpse of the code to make my own.Cause I'm sure since I want to make character by age and aging, then dying I would need to make something of my own more complex.
Title: Re: How to implement avatar creation software in Outerra?
Post by: Midviki on August 08, 2012, 02:40:46 am
Well I kinda figured out for now... http://www.gamedev.net/topic/629229-3d-characteravatar-creationcustomization-and-interface-guide/ (http://www.gamedev.net/topic/629229-3d-characteravatar-creationcustomization-and-interface-guide/) ... but I'm still doing research maybe I'l find more. More is always needed. You can check that link where I'm posting the things I find about the topic.