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Title: The "Introduce Yourself" Thread
Post by: C. Shawn Smith on December 10, 2010, 05:30:46 pm
Although I've been following Outerra for quite a few months now, I'm amazed that few of us really "know" what others on this forum do for a living, what they're like, etc.  So I'd like to start an Introduce Yourself thread for all vets and newcomers to, well, introduce yourselves and reveal a little about your backgrounds, etc.

For my part:

My name is Christopher Shawn Smith, and I'm a 40-year old artist/writer hailing from Dallas, Texas, and a single father of a 2 and a half year old son who LOVES the Tatra truck videos from the Outerra engine (Daddy, Where he go????  He's going home, son! :)).  For the last 10 years, I've been employed in various industries, including animal welfare and the tech industry.  Back in 1999, my brother gifted me my very first real PC, and I was almost instantly hooked on the internet (leading to one of my online monickers, Wired2theNet).  I've been a PC gamer for the last 11 years, mostly in the realm of RTSs, FPSs, and MMOs.  I have a web development background, having started my own company back in 2000, but have since moved on to hosting websites instead of design.  Back in 2006 or '07, I began work in Animal Welfare, working with the SPCA and Animal Control, before leaving it for tech positions (animal welfare is a very sad and emotionally troubling industry to work in ... and not recommended unless you have a very VERY stout heart.  I got into it quite by accident because of my typing abilities (90 wpm), and although I enjoyed it at first, I quickly realized that I didn't have the heart to continue.  I still love it, but won't ever go back).

Recently, I've been delving heavily into Photoshop painting (my background is in traditional fantasy oil painting), trying to improve my knowledge and skills.  I've also been experimenting with video editing and compilation, to improve my portfolio.

Although I don't have a "technical programming" background, some of the many things Outerra shows translates readily in some of the 3d packages I've worked with, including Lightwave and Maya3d.

I'm currently working on a number of novel projects, the main one being a fantasy trilogy very loosely based on the Native Americans, called "The Journeys of the Greywolf."  The project began after watching a PBS television series entitled How The West Was Lost, which was from the point of view of Native Americans.  The story revolves around an "elven" nation overtaken by "human" (or the white man) expansion and subjugation.  Although started back in 1992, I never progressed very far until the last two years, while I tried to develop an interesting storyline for the main character: "The Greywolf."  (A teaser video with stock footage -- all of which will be replaced as new art is created -- can be viewed here: http://www.cshawnsmith.com/scout/index.html.  Still a LOT of work to be done ... this is more of a storyboard than anything.)

Hopefully, this next year will see the completion of the first rough draft of the first novel, "Cry of the Wolf," and its subsequent publication.  The Outerra engine interests me because of the possibilities it has in helping me deliver a fully realized 3d environment for the novel.  I want my readers to be able to see all the various locations in the novels, and experience it as if they were really there ... something that hasn't ever truly been done before in the realm of fiction, outside of movies.

Quote from: grabacr 31770
So you would write it with locations in Outerra in mind, which the reader can then see for themselves in real (virtual) life?

A little more ambitious than that :).  Since Outerra uses height maps to generate the basic terrain, I'm hoping I'll be able to plug my own height maps that I've created in Photoshop to create a unique world.  I already have one height map for an island continent made, which I was using in Lightwave 3d.  But I can't get down to the resolution I need (I'm doing something wrong, but not sure what it is yet).  Outerra would make my job a LOT easier :)


Soo .... who are you?  And why are you here? :)
Title: Re: The "Introduce Yourself" Thread
Post by: razgriz 53992 on December 11, 2010, 09:52:01 am
Good day.

Good thread, we can see who everyone is.

I'm Ollie, I'm 14 and live in Gloucestershire, England (that bit of the world where it always rains, and you get 7 minutes of sun and snow a year).

Still at school obviously. Working towards my GCSEs, I'm doing maths, English literature, English language, 3 sciences, Spanish, art, history and geography.

I love aviation, have since an early age, and I'm working towards a career as a pilot in the RAF. If anything goes wrong medically (air forces are very medically strict), I'll either go into civil, or, more likely, air traffic control in the RAF. I am part of the CCF (combined cadet force) at school, in the RAF section, and have 1 and a half flight hours in a Grob Tutor, with more soon (I'm chuffed considering I'm still pretty young and it's all free).

Anyway, my other love is music. I play piano and guitar mainly, but bass and drums too. I'm in a band and I've written a few songs. Haven't gigged though yet, will do soon. I love (alternative) rock music mainly, my 3 favourite bands being Them Crooked Vultures, Radiohead and Muse.

So that's pretty much me.


In regards to your post, the novel idea sounds amazing. So you would write it with locations in Outerra in mind, which the reader can then see for themselves in real (virtual) life? Wow :D. You could even create the location to what you want it to look like, with buildings and all, then release it as a patch.
Title: Re: The "Introduce Yourself" Thread
Post by: cameni on December 18, 2010, 10:27:11 am
So why am I here .. ;)

For ages the terrain rendering driven by fractals was just my hobby. I regret not keeping the very first screenshots from the terracing "terrain" I was getting on Commodore 64, or was it on my first PC XT? Not even sure anymore.
But here, a younger screen from 2001, that iteration of terrain generator has laid the crude foundation for terrain generator that is used today, but it's been a long way from it to what is now.

(http://www.outerra.com/cameni/2001/ttes32.jpg) (http://www.outerra.com/cameni/2001/tes32.jpg)

As far as I can remember I wanted to have a world that could be explored and lived in. If it was to become any kind of simulator, it would be a simulator of civilization, or maybe a simulator of a lone man surviving in unknown or a changed world. More the latter, I guess. I could say that the driving force was similar to Shawn's, I've always been fan of sci-fi stories that managed to portrait the world as an intriguing place for living one's life in. For example A Song of Ice and Fire novels by George R.R. Martin.

I am coming from the northern part of our country - Orava region, that is a hilly and largely forested land (http://www.outerra.com/images/orava1.jpg). if it reminds you in any way of Outerra's default landscape, now you know why that is :)
Our court modeler Chyshney comes from there as well, lived just across the street and he remembers my early attempts although he probably didn't think it will get this far.

After graduating (automation at technical university) I ended up by a chance in company that was doing enterprise database applications, what was really absurd as I always disliked the databases and the boring enterprise world. I would not have stayed there long weren't it for my very meek boss, whom I relatively easily convinced that making our own multidimensional database engine for analytical processing is the right way to go. Long story short, I stayed with the company for some 13 years, gaining a special status almost from the beginning that allowed me to work mostly on my own designs, albeit it never had anything to do with games or graphics. From one point of view it was an unexpected opportunity to work on new stuff driven by myself, but from another one it was all wasted time as the company was absolutely incapable of selling their own products. But I digress.

I met with Angrypig during the last year in there. We were both dissatisfied, but both working on background projects - he was making a general game engine (not the first one in his life) and I was working on yet another iteration of my terrain engine. It's rather odd how our gears clicked together. Each of us specializes in different areas - his is the core engine above the OpenGL, async task processor and basically all the low level core functionality of the engine. Also his is the web browser integration, object rendering and import, JSBSim integration, and recently he started working also on a tree generator. My parts include terrain and atmosphere rendering, terrain generation, roads, water, ground vehicle physics and from the invisible stuff the shader compiler and data processors.

As for my goals, I mainly want to work on stuff where I can be creative, hoping it will be appreciated by people that want to live their dreams that are somewhat similar to those dreams of mine :)

Yeah and my profile image comes from my enterprise days too, maybe we lasted in there so long because of our almost daily Atomic Bomberman sessions. Always playing with the same color, I was once nicknamed "Orange Death" by an unlucky burning victim :)
Title: Re: The "Introduce Yourself" Thread
Post by: C. Shawn Smith on December 22, 2010, 06:07:43 pm
Love the profile image explanation :).  I've always wondered about that.
Title: Re: The "Introduce Yourself" Thread
Post by: RaikoRaufoss on December 23, 2010, 06:08:59 pm
By cameni's request, I'll now do my introduction.

I joined here after being referred here by a squadron friend from an Il-2 1946 squad I used to be in.  To be honest, my only experience with graphics engines is playing a few computer games (mostly sims) and some dabbling with Bryce 5.5 when I was younger.  I even managed to make a few clips lasting a few seconds, but nothing very impressive, just a few rough shapes turned into a starship moving through an open area.

And as for Sisi... :P

Every time I see her, my eyes feel like firecrackers have exploded in front of them.  So she was a natural choice for featuring in my custom title.  It's sad that she didn't have a happier life, but she does have a cult following today.
Title: Re: The "Introduce Yourself" Thread
Post by: ZeosPantera on December 23, 2010, 10:19:12 pm
Yeah, Steve here with an important update... I don't remember how I got here! May have been my friend Dr Nick who links "awesome" constantly on my Ventrilo. ventrilo://nyc02.artofwarcentral.com:8645/servername=ZeosNYC*Server

Bit about me I studied Architecture for a while but and ended up working towards a Networking Degree. The tech industry is such a soulless place accept for a few fields. Now I have shifted my focus towards my actual love, Home Theater. I guess it's just my compulsiveness that has always drawn me to adjust TV's in other peoples homes since I was a weee lad. I am in fact a quality whore. I like having neighbors complain when Jurassic Park is on and bragging about my monitor. Gives me a sense of accomplishment. Its why I am obsessed with Outerra to tell the truth. It's going to be the best game engine ever and I must be part of it.

Edited for drunkenness..
Title: Re: The "Introduce Yourself" Thread
Post by: C. Shawn Smith on December 24, 2010, 04:48:48 am
Edited for drunkenness..

Title: Re: The "Introduce Yourself" Thread
Post by: Chaoss on December 28, 2010, 11:34:56 pm
Hey I'm Cháoss, I'm 25 (or at least I will be in January) and live in Sheffield, England. I'm a games environment developer and texture artist



I'm more or less obsessed with virtual worlds and computer games (realistic/apocalyptic ones) and my dream is to create a vast realistic apocalyptic world for people to explore, live, survive, party, build and fight in (more of a virtual world than a game), the idea is to be more of a sandbox game than a game with xp, goals, missions or watnot, i would like it to be as realistic and vast as possible.

Anyway more about me, I love partying, raving, exploring abandoned buildings, going to the pub and being with friends.
Title: Re: The "Introduce Yourself" Thread
Post by: C. Shawn Smith on December 29, 2010, 12:04:58 am
Nice visuals, and welcome :)
Title: Re: The "Introduce Yourself" Thread
Post by: ZeosPantera on December 29, 2010, 04:33:57 am
Actually Chaoss, the Outerra guys on more then one occasion have mentioned not having a texture artist. Plus you can't get more post apocalyptic then 5000+ years after man when all the ashes and charred earth has been torn away by time replaced with bunnies and blue skies. The kind of post apocalyptic place I can live with :P
Title: Re: The "Introduce Yourself" Thread
Post by: Chaoss on December 29, 2010, 01:05:14 pm
Quote from: ZeosPantera
Actually Chaoss, the Outerra guys on more then one occasion have mentioned not having a texture artist. Plus you can't get more post apocalyptic then 5000+ years after man when all the ashes and charred earth has been torn away by time replaced with bunnies and blue skies. The kind of post apocalyptic place I can live with :P

Ahh you see the kind of apocalyptic i was thinking is the earth burned by a solar flare, I'd say about 100 years  -/+ in the future (with the apocalypse happening about 50 years -/+ in the past), with a ravaged landscape and mostly dead vegetation.

But the idea of being able to explore an earth mostly untouched by man sounds pretty awesome, especially if it includes caves, continents, seas etc. It would be awesome being able to build on an unpopulated earth for a multiplayer game
Title: Re: The "Introduce Yourself" Thread
Post by: ZeosPantera on December 29, 2010, 03:06:15 pm
as a compromise he could implement Detroit back onto the map in its current form and make sure the fallout has mutated the current animals to be hyper-bears and parasitic seagulls and such.
Title: Re: The "Introduce Yourself" Thread
Post by: Chaoss on December 29, 2010, 09:58:09 pm
Quote from: ZeosPantera
as a compromise he could implement Detroit back onto the map in its current form and make sure the fallout has mutated the current animals to be hyper-bears and parasitic seagulls and such.

lol theres far more places on earth far worse than detroit (I have been there once), try Bristol or Glasgow for example
Title: Re: The "Introduce Yourself" Thread
Post by: Puffmac on December 29, 2010, 10:23:50 pm
Quote from: Chaoss
lol theres far more places on earth far worse than detroit (I have been there once), try Bristol or Glasgow for example

I'm Andrew and I'm 16 from Glasgow, Scotland. :P

I'm a 'serious flight simmer' and am also now actively training for my PPL. I've not got much in the way of games design but I am fluent in the languages of PHP and SQL, and have been known to script in languages such as Pawn and Lua for various games. Though I do also like any game that is fun or interesting. My hobbies are of coure: partying, oh and flying.  :D
Title: Re: The "Introduce Yourself" Thread
Post by: Emil on January 22, 2011, 04:06:40 pm
maybe i should have done this when i first joined about a week ago, but now i'm finally here!

My name is Emil And i was born back in may, 1994 and I'm from Anderstorp, Sweden.

Well i saw this in engine during the summer last year if i remember it right. and i have too say that i got really impressed by the physics on the tatra truck. So i started subscribing on the progressing and i've only become more and more impressed (especially when i noticed it was a global engine  :lol: ). and well.. by the vehicle physics i got to my mind of the perfect forestry simulator i've allways dreamt about... and allso if i'd be able to maybe come up with some good ideas like deformeble ground so if it's raining and some place is really muddy you could take the tatra truck for example and drive back and forth, and make lots and lots of deep tracks and maybe eventually the truck would get stuck, basicly just that if nothing that has with forestry to do would be in the game/engine when released i could maybe mod it in and also add reality with deformeble ground. and... well enough talk about that.. so later on when i found a link for the forums i singed up right away.

Glad to be on here now, cheers!
Title: Re: The "Introduce Yourself" Thread
Post by: Jangalomph on February 04, 2011, 07:42:34 pm

I'm Nicholas "Jangalomph" Seavert.

I've been modding and designing games for 4 years now. I'm a curious designer looking for new prospects and ideas to get into basically. I'm still in high school, so I have a ways to go! None the less, I have a portfolio http://www.interlopers.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=26&t=33235&start=0

I have a game that I do effects, cinematic, and some coding on.. But mainly particles!

I have my own website

I have my own mod


On the other hand.. I've been learning UDK, Cryengine 2. I know Valves Source Engine like the back of my hand. I previously have looked into LeadWerks engine and Ogre. I hope to be-able to do something in Outerra sooner or later!

None the less.. I just like to blow things up with a virtual game world!  :D


As you can tell I'm very interested in game design and art!


"I hope to see particles in this engine one day too!"
Title: Re: The "Introduce Yourself" Thread
Post by: Redrobes on February 25, 2011, 01:45:05 pm
Hi, I am Redrobes and I am from the south west part of the UK. I am a programmer doing a lot of graphics work - esp OpenGL and have written some apps which i'll talk about in a mo... I am also a community leader of the Cartographers Guild where we all make maps - mostly 2D but some 3D stuff also. Some of the members work there is exceptional. I am also an admin at Me-DEM which is the middle earth digital elevation modeling project.

I have written ViewingDale which to me seems like a parallel project to this one in every way except that it is in 2D. Its a pan and (deep) zoom interactive map browser with seamless transition through the 2D maps and icons that it shows. Its also networked so that you can play RPG games through in as a "virtual table top" or VTT, in real time with chat etc. So you can check out that on its website or go and see a you tube vid like this:


Incidentally that video is a collection of maps from the Cartographers Guild community driven world map.

Next up is an application I wrote for terrain synthesis called GeoTerSys. Its unreleased since its a command line driven terrain scripting language and on the whole I discovered that people found it too hard to write scripts for it. It is multi processor, quite quick and powerful tho but even I as its writer would say its not a barrel of laughs to use. Its main aim is top calculate fluid flow over terrain so that it models rain, rivers, snow, glaciers etc and generates some reasonably authentic erosion for it.

Finally, and I think this where the beef is, as an admin of Me-Dem a small group of us are trying to model the terrain of Middle Earth to a tremendously accurate degree. Our member 'Monks' uses Global Mapper to make the terrain using contours keeping to noted reference maps of the fantasy world and trying to stick to proper geological physics so that the rivers run where they should. The whole DEM is geo referenced such that it fits on a globe. My part in this project is to take the exported rastered DEMs and push them through GeoTerSys and try to get this app to provide better rivers, the snow and glaciers and all the other terrain simulation effects that it can. Our expectation is (or maybe 'was' now...) to generate the masks from this to put into Terragen via XML to render this DEM with its procedural textures for final views.

We have always wanted an engine which could handle the large data set that were producing but have so far not come up with anything. Our best chance so far would look like Ogre, the AdVantage engine, or WorldWind. The 3D world engine is something we have put off and were going to think about as time goes on.

The web site for me-dem is split between two sites but the galleries at present are on www.me-dem.me.uk (http://www.me-dem.me.uk) In there are a load of GeoTerSys images, ViewingDale ones and also loads of images of the Middle Earth DEM model so far.

So, the million dollar question is... is there a demo of the world engine that can be used to try it out with our data set and fly around Middle Earth ? Were beta testers for several apps like World Machine etc because we seem to break everything with it. :)
Title: Re: The "Introduce Yourself" Thread
Post by: cameni on February 25, 2011, 03:08:52 pm
Welcome, Redrobes. Making artificial but artistically backed worlds always has been one of our goals, as opposed to purely random creations. We even have a planet maker based on OT engine in our future plans. Some related discussion is here (http://www.outerra.com/forum/viewtopic.php?id=238).

As for the question - there's no public demo at the moment, the engine is still in development. It also only accepts elevation data for now, that must be first processed into a special format that is optimized for the engine. The processing tool is unoptimized though, and the job takes it quite a long time. Anyway, if you wanted to use your data with it, you'd have to georeference your data - placing it somewhere on a virtual planet. Current version is only capable of using datasets that form a longitude/latitude grid of terrain tiles.
What physical resolution do your data have got?

Btw, the ever hungry dogs from Tolkien's Estate aren't after you yet? ;)

(Discussion redirected here (http://www.outerra.com/forum/viewtopic.php?id=277))
Title: Re: The "Introduce Yourself" Thread
Post by: George on April 09, 2011, 05:41:30 pm
Hello, I'm The DooD and I'm a student from central-south western UK. Currently doing an IT course at college, but in my spare time I'm trying to learn C++ and also immerse myself in the world of game development/programming.
I'd been following Infinity since 2006 and I was under the impression that Infinity was the only game that would have a procedurally generated universe, aside from small projects that people had done with little functionality. I stumbled across Outerra the other day while checking out something imaginatively called "Space Engine". It's a simulator that procedurally generates a few galaxies and star clusters and you can fly through them at various speeds, but the planets themselves aren't developed at all.

Anyway I wasn't enjoying waiting for tiny tidbits of information on Infinity, but it seems like the developers of this engine are a little more in tune with the community/fan base, which makes me very happy. I think this may end up being my favourite procedural generation engine instead. It appears I found out about this quite far along the development line, although I don't know if that means it's any closer to completion, but I'm looking forward to seeing progress on this as well now!
Title: Re: The "Introduce Yourself" Thread
Post by: RaikoRaufoss on April 09, 2011, 06:42:36 pm
Welcome!  I'm taking a C++ course myself.  I'm interested in the gameplay mechanics and am an ideas man.  I'm out of ideas, though, so I haven't had much reason to post lately.
Title: Re: The "Introduce Yourself" Thread
Post by: cameni on April 10, 2011, 07:58:16 am
Welcome, DooD

I can't judge how far to completion the Infinity is; their development journals predate ours by 4 years though of course it doesn't really say anything much about it :)
We would like to release a demo and alpha of our sandbox+ game sometime this year, preferably sometime this summer if we don't get delayed by some other contracts.

Oh, and we welcome new C++ souls :)
Title: Re: The "Introduce Yourself" Thread
Post by: ZeosPantera on April 10, 2011, 11:41:11 am
Quote from: cameni
if we don't get delayed by some other contracts

Interesting slip. Would any of those specialty interests be mentioned here or are we only to guess.

EDIT: Also Welcome DooD
Title: Re: The "Introduce Yourself" Thread
Post by: cameni on April 10, 2011, 12:07:03 pm
Well, there are always some entities nagging us about the engine. Some are small and some are big, and who knows when something is going to happen, even with the engine in alpha state. So just saying ;)
Title: Re: The "Introduce Yourself" Thread
Post by: CJay on April 25, 2011, 02:16:09 pm
Hello there, my name is CJay, actual name Ben (CJay relates to my middle name of Charles James, yes very middle class, what what)

I've been following Outerra for quite a few months now, and i'm amazed at what this team is trying to create and i'm very confident that you will succeed in your task.

Anyway a little about myself, I'm 21 from South West UK, The Bristol area - and i'm currently studying at University which is thankfully coming to an end now, and i'm a special constable for the Avon and Somerset police.

I'm a friendly individual, who would like to help you chaps in anyway i can really, i may not have the excellent modelling or artwork skills, but i'll be damned if i don't contribute to this amazing project in one form or another!

So i'd like to say hello to everyone new and the veterans, and after just looking at this forum for the past few months i thought i'd join your little community, and hopefully share some input with you chaps!

Sooooo Hello!  :D
Title: Re: The "Introduce Yourself" Thread
Post by: cameni on April 25, 2011, 03:05:32 pm
Hi Ben, welcome here :)
Title: Re: The "Introduce Yourself" Thread
Post by: CJay on April 25, 2011, 03:21:30 pm
Hello back, Thanks for the warm welcome :)

Quote from: Chaoss
Quote from: ZeosPantera
as a compromise he could implement Detroit back onto the map in its current form and make sure the fallout has mutated the current animals to be hyper-bears and parasitic seagulls and such.

lol theres far more places on earth far worse than detroit (I have been there once), try Bristol or Glasgow for example

Bit harsh haha, Bristol isn't THAT bad, just stay out of:
Knowle West
St Pauls (some bits)
Bedminster (some bits)
Southmead (some bits)
Lawrence Weston (some bits)

The rest of my city is nice!
Title: Re: The "Introduce Yourself" Thread
Post by: Jheuloh on April 30, 2011, 02:16:45 am
To introduce my interest in Outerra:

After hearing of this world-development program known as Outerra from a friend, who gave me a link to it after having listened to me yesterday ponder the question of how one might develop a circular world for a game with a total map-space the size of the earth or larger. Although I lack proper knowledge of how to truly develop a game beyond rudimentary 3D skills for now, I've had various ideas hovering within me, one of which I've put down on paper, and another of which I am in the process of putting down on paper (the latter idea being the one which necessitated my question of 'can earth-sized worlds be done?)

The Jello Bowl... :lol:


To introduce myself:

If you haven't noticed, I have a gelatinous theme going, a product of a nickname I received on a place called 'The Elder Scrolls Alliance.' My permanent nickname there is 'Jello'; hence, I decided to create an identity known as, 'The Jello Bowl.' Inside this gelatinous substance is a knowledge of general herpetoculture (the keeping of reptiles and/or amphibians as pets) and biology, alongside a healthy dose of ideas inspired by dreams of the day and of the night, showcased on a near daily basis in the form of illustrations. Also a practicing 3D modeler, animator, and texture artist. The Jello Bowl can be summarized as 50% artist & 50% scientist (or at least, wants to be that) :P. Dotting my interest in biology & art is an interest in robotics, which I have a class for, and game development, as illustrated above.

Fine Print: I jiggle when I'm poked. Poke the Jello Bowl! Also, unexpected change in real life makes my brain sizzle.
Title: Re: The "Introduce Yourself" Thread
Post by: cameni on April 30, 2011, 02:29:55 am
Welcome, jelly substance :)

And what game did you want an earth-sized world for?
Title: Re: The "Introduce Yourself" Thread
Post by: ZeosPantera on April 30, 2011, 03:20:08 am
Don't think we don't know who you are....
Title: Re: The "Introduce Yourself" Thread
Post by: Jheuloh on April 30, 2011, 03:07:09 pm
Quote from: cameni
Welcome, jelly substance :)

And what game did you want an earth-sized world for?

I had an idea in which a player plays as a fictional flying animal which looks like a "wyvern" (explained to be a mutated monitor lizard), with one goal: survival. Survival in said hypothetical game divides itself into finding food (AKA unfortunate small animals), gaining territory & defending it from intruders, finding a life-long mate (eagle style! :D ), raising young, and traveling the world in search of prey & territory (with summer & winter territories, and breeding grounds.)
Title: Re: The "Introduce Yourself" Thread
Post by: cameni on April 30, 2011, 03:24:33 pm
That's an interesting idea indeed :)

Maybe we can put in the game, some people could play for wyverns, competing with people for domination over the earth :)
Title: Re: The "Introduce Yourself" Thread
Post by: Jheuloh on April 30, 2011, 03:35:33 pm
Quote from: cameni
That's an interesting idea indeed :)

Maybe we can put in the game, some people could play for wyverns, competing with people for domination over the earth :)

World domination! :P Well, maybe not world domination (this is a wild, instinct driven animal that just happens to know how to get around. :cool:) Perhaps players could compete to include islands & cities as part of their territories. These wyverns would weigh only about 3.3 pounds. (The same weight as the world's largest extant bat.) My idea didn't really have multi-player in mind though.
Title: Re: The "Introduce Yourself" Thread
Post by: cameni on May 01, 2011, 03:58:14 pm
Oh, I expected a huge fire breathing beast :)
Or no, that one could be a predator there. Anyway, I kind of like the idea of a parallel game where you play an animal, going on in another game where humans try to colonize the world. I'd make the animals more powerful so they can compete with humans, at least in some environments.
Title: Re: The "Introduce Yourself" Thread
Post by: Jheuloh on May 01, 2011, 05:18:44 pm
Maybe instead of a wyvern, the player could be a giant fictional bird, to maintain the realistic, non-fantasy environment you've setup for Outerra. "Epic bird" would probably sound better to people than "micro-wyvern." :P

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Argentavis_magnificens This bird is now extinct, although fossil evidence shows it grew to be man-sized (and was also capable of flight) If you made up something like that, but with a more eagle like appearance, you could have a creature that could believably go up against human players in hand-to-hand combat.
Title: Re: The "Introduce Yourself" Thread
Post by: yhwhluver on May 02, 2011, 02:31:10 pm
Hi everyone.  I'm David from Kansas City, Missouri.  I started out my programming career learning C/C++ in school.  I have since moved on to web development with C#, SQL, Javascript / jQuery, and Html.  I've always been interested in game development but haven't really done much (messed with some 2D stuff using sprites and a path-finding algorithm).  I really like the strategy simulators (like Sim City and Railroad Tycoon).  Outerra looks really cool to be able to design and build roads, cities, and railroads.  That stuff really appeals to me.
Title: Re: The "Introduce Yourself" Thread
Post by: Jak_o_Shadows on May 03, 2011, 03:03:24 am
Hiya. I'm from australia. I'm fairly fluent in python, know a scattering of c (basically from python) and am fluent, but fairly awful at blender. I'm fairly decent at CAD modelling, my strengths in that being digitizing existing products (presuming i have adequate measuring equipment, ie. digital calipers).
I'm slightly interested in planning roads and the like.
I loved playing suaerbraten back in the day and sorta want the best part of that community to move to outerra.
I'm interesting in flight/space sims.
Title: Re: The "Introduce Yourself" Thread
Post by: cameni on May 03, 2011, 03:30:01 am
Hi guys, welcome aboard :)
Title: Re: The "Introduce Yourself" Thread
Post by: Jheuloh on May 04, 2011, 11:37:33 pm
Welcome to the party, yhwhluver. :D What grandiose ideas do you have in store for game-development on the planetary scale? :cool:
Title: Re: The "Introduce Yourself" Thread
Post by: yhwhluver on May 06, 2011, 12:02:21 pm
Heh, I have barely enough time as it is.  Though it would be fun to recreate cities, highways, and railroads.  I need to become a multimillionaire real quick so I can spend time playing with this rather than working.
Title: Re: The "Introduce Yourself" Thread
Post by: MiB on August 17, 2011, 05:18:36 pm
Hi there,

I'm from Slovakia ... living in Prague for few years ...

Did make my master in artificial intelligence in Kosice few years back ... but as it happens ... I have a boring job in a corporation as a Java developer ...  (nothing to do with A.I.) ;)

Those forums give me some joy through out the routine days ... ;) ... so glad to be here and see the progress/shape this project is getting...

Interested in mathematical backgrounds of geometry (on computers (equations + algorithms : one might say) ... ) ... as I believe that life itself has some geometric backgrounds ... at least from what I can see ...   :rolleyes:   ... lately having fun with Geometric Algebra while feeding the scientific ego ... por echemplo :
"The Grassmann algebra of a 3-D vector space with basis {e1, e2, e3} is in itself a linear
space of 8 dimensions." ... ;)
"Although it is somewhat hard to visualize for us 3-D beings, volumes have an attitude
in spaces of more than three dimensions, denoting the 3-D subspace that contains
them." ... imagine that ...  :/
... if it's good for quantum physics (and many others), it has to be good for A.I. too ... righ ? ;) ... joking ... slightly... :)

See you around ... ;-)
Title: Re: The "Introduce Yourself" Thread
Post by: Zurdo on August 29, 2011, 06:58:46 am
Hi from the Canary Islands (spain) everyone!
Been here since last summer but I didn't want to register until a new forum was added LOL

Really great job here. I see a lot of quality on your work and can't wait for the tech demo (nVidia owner) ;)
Title: Re: The "Introduce Yourself" Thread
Post by: Zippy24 on September 05, 2011, 07:27:06 pm
Thought I would introduce myself on these forums.

Hello everyone, I found outerra while doing some research on world machine and my interests in creating a cry engine group dedicated to making a massive world.

I have never really played too many video games in my life, and if I was playing them generally I would be exploring the landscape instead of killing monsters or actually doing what the game wanted me to do. When I was younger I started playing around with unreal engine and making small levels for UT2004, however the inability for me to make large scale levels with terrain prompted me to stop. Later on I discovered cry engine and spent a solid two years creating unique height maps, designing my own mountains and making basic levels for people to explore. After two years of modding cry engine I practically stopped. I had taken up freestyle skiing (if you ski you would call me a park rat most likely :) ) and that still takes up the majority of my time during the winter. I have still dabbled in 3d modelling (something you can do on mac's for the most part) although I am not very proficient. Link to my last project: http://www.crydev.net/viewtopic.php?f=280&t=68335&hilit=newschool (http://www.crydev.net/viewtopic.php?f=280&t=68335&hilit=newschool)

I spend a lot of time outside in the mountains (as many Canadians do,) either on day hikes or on backpacking trips. last summer I spent 3 weeks straight backpacking in the rocky mountains and that pretty much made me realize how amazing exploring those areas are.

Outerra caught my eye as a engine that will let me explore the lands when I'm not outside and even let me explore in ways that would be impossible in real life. I've always been interested in game design but never thought that I would go into it because I (thought) I knew that my idea's of a planetary game could exist.

I'm super excited to continue giving ideas to the awesome developers of Outerra along with eventually being able to play in such an awesome sandbox world.

Ps. I would be ecstatic if you guys eventually ported outerra to macs, rebooting into bootcamp becomes a pain for me. :)
Title: Re: The "Introduce Yourself" Thread
Post by: DarkDXZ on September 21, 2011, 09:36:47 am
I think it's good time for my introduction.

Some time ago, I found the Outerra engine videos and my mind was just blown right away - because the amount of detail and effort put so far in the development of it are so spectacular that...Crysis 2 looks like Pacman compared to it (not to offend any Crysis 2 fans - Crysis 2 still got extreme graphics...but i'm not a fan of over-graphic games). And no - Outerra is not "over-graphic" - it has just a lot of pretty details.

I fully know that no games utilizing this engine will be out soon. But Outerra has incredible potential to become "game engine of tomorrow" - the amount of games that one could make with it are...Endless.

I already have so many ideas for Outerra and I'm really disappointed it isn't popular already. But - Minecraft wasn't written in a day.

Examples of the game ideas I had include, but are not limited to:
- a transport game (obvious)
- some kind of WWII FPS (also pretty obvious)
- various simulators (even more obvious)
- strategy games
- a cooking game? (where you have to fly over the world for ingredients and such)
- seven bajilion sandbox games
- many, many RPGs...

I know these are very common ideas, but Outerra is already a very versatile engine.

If I would compare it to something - there would be either nothing OR...
Outerra is like V12 car engine - fast, reliable and incredible!

As I said before - too bad it is underknown - JUST YET!

P.S.: Where do you come from? Because Tatra mountains...You know - Poland. And I come from Poland...
If you will say you're from it - my jaw will drop all the way down the Earth to its core and further...
EDIT: Now I saw you're Slovakian. Not very disappointed, as still quite close to me. It's assault from the Central Europe!
Title: Re: The "Introduce Yourself" Thread
Post by: cameni on September 22, 2011, 09:57:10 am
I'm from the northern part of Slovakia (Orava) bordering with Poland. We were often hiking to Old Witches' Mountain (Babia góra/hora) and met with Polish hikers coming from the other side.
As kids we were watching also the Polish TV channels. I can still remember "zaciekaj tchurzu, bedziesz zamordowany!" from an animated film :D
Title: Re: The "Introduce Yourself" Thread
Post by: DarkDXZ on September 23, 2011, 10:17:33 am
Haha, lol...
Now I know how Babia Góra sounds like in English...

Orava, you say? I never was in there...
But I hope I will eventually (even if it'll be just "drive-by")
Title: Re: The "Introduce Yourself" Thread
Post by: PytonPago on October 09, 2011, 10:07:47 am
Hi all !

  Im new to the forum too, butt i have had an eye on the Outerra project for some time already. As for last two threads, I from Orava region (Slovak Republic) too - Dolný Kubín exactly and if you ewer get to this place of world, take a week free and go to the Roháče (Horns) moutains and Orava castle, witch i had the great opportunity to know better as a guide (so if there will be a project of making castles in outerra, just let know and i got your data on this one : )).

  As for me, im an chemistry student of the STU FCHPT in Batislava, butt im interested in every peace of technology or novelty that can have some great potential .. as Outerra surely has. (One of my mind outcomes was an interface for the railroad-sector as i got to know about the glonas controll-system for the RF railroads and its capabilities. Just think abut it: you come to a station, get to a little panel and in real time and Outerra planet-imaging, take a look on the positions, time-lines, routes and statuses of trains ... the same for the traffic controllers of railroads from nation to world-wide scale allways in realtime thanks to GPS/GLONAS) Still im a little too much into the FLYYING and ARMY topics, so all-in simulators like DCS-KA50 in Outerra whyte all its full-click cockpit capabilities is my dream of life. So im definitely not going to leave you out off sight! Still my philosophy is helping in whatewer and howewer i can, whyle learning new stuff about whats on topic ... so im here.
   At the same time, im an GREAT fan of tourism and i like to see each hill and mountain in this project to its real-world one. As too my fascination about the deep-middleage of slavic world and its wide emptyness (as in terms of just small amount of people and settlements) that makes me fell somewhat excited. Would be nice to do an RPG of the "Elder scrolls" type about the slavic ages whyte all our ancestors gods and mythical creatures (like the winged guardian dog http://t0.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSzSJS1TYx0WAaBShHh3Ua6UQ4v_seZuxz3KV3d7z049TRElOiyo-eio7UDsg (http://t0.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSzSJS1TYx0WAaBShHh3Ua6UQ4v_seZuxz3KV3d7z049TRElOiyo-eio7UDsg), or wood-guardians from witch the "domowoi" http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/8/84/Domovoi_Bilibin.jpg (http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/8/84/Domovoi_Bilibin.jpg) comes from - our history has all we need for a fantasy world to create), in Outerra.
   At the end, newer stop to support inaginable and persistent perspective projects - you newer know, how much it can change the world of tomorrow.
Title: Re: The "Introduce Yourself" Thread
Post by: cameni on October 09, 2011, 11:01:29 am
I from Orava region (Slovak Republic) too - Dolný Kubín exactly and if you ewer get to this place of world, take a week free and go to the Roháče (Horns) moutains and Orava castle, witch i had the great opportunity to know better as a guide (so if there will be a project of making castles in outerra, just let know and i got your data on this one : ))

Namestovo zdravi Dolny Kubin ;D
Title: Re: The "Introduce Yourself" Thread
Post by: PytonPago on October 09, 2011, 11:33:35 am
Vrele a od srdca - Nápodobne ! :D
Title: Re: The "Introduce Yourself" Thread
Post by: OldZeke on November 14, 2011, 12:38:36 pm
Hello :)
I've been watching this developement for awhile now. The amazing vids available realy got me interested in the potential of this.

I'm a 57 yr old disabled coalminer. I live in southern West Virginia.
I've played flight games/sims since the mid 90s and between the playing and computer tweeking to keep playing it's likely helped keep me reasonably sane ;)

No programming exp, have did a few MSCFS/FS betas along with another software house (still under NDA).
Figgured I'd come out of the shadows and reg here but will not be posting alot, more of a sit back and watch things develope.
Title: Re: The "Introduce Yourself" Thread
Post by: cameni on November 14, 2011, 01:33:04 pm
Welcome here, and thanks for posting. It's always interesting to know something more about people following us here :)
Title: Re: The "Introduce Yourself" Thread
Post by: herko on November 23, 2011, 01:25:17 pm
Hey , 

I´ve read a threat over this amazing engine on pcGAMES.de !

i´m 19 and from Germany . those videos got me hooked making me interested in the future of this project .
Title: Re: The "Introduce Yourself" Thread
Post by: Jagerbomber on November 23, 2011, 03:13:03 pm
Outerra was just featured on PC Gamer through Reddit and linked to through Kotaku as well.  Prepare for a huge wave of newcomers.  :P

Somebody embeded the Himalayas video in the Kotaku comments already, so that's good.  ;D
http://www.pcgamer.com/2011/11/22/outerra-engine-renders-entire-planets/ (http://www.pcgamer.com/2011/11/22/outerra-engine-renders-entire-planets/)
http://kotaku.com/5862109/this-game-engine-wants-to-build-entire-planets (http://kotaku.com/5862109/this-game-engine-wants-to-build-entire-planets)
Title: Re: The "Introduce Yourself" Thread
Post by: andyeder on November 28, 2011, 12:34:27 pm
Hello Outerra forum community,

I am Andy and I have been watching the development of Outerra for a while now. I would like to offer my congratulations to the developers on a job well done; the technology looks great as can be seen through the various screenshots and videos released into the public domain.

I live and work in South Wales (UK) and spent over 10 years working in the computer games industry as a 3D graphics programmer. I am still very much an avid gamer as I am interested in 3D graphics technology that drives many of them. I have spent the last 4 years working in a R&D role where I continue to work on visualisations and 3D work.

I have been fortunate enough to code in many different languages (from BASIC to C to various Assembly languages) but nowadays my work is primarily C++ based. I have experience of various graphics API's, shader technologies and graphics hardware and these still hold as much of an interest for me now as when I left university all those years ago.

Good luck with the ongoing story that is Outerra... I'll be watching it with interest!


Title: Re: The "Introduce Yourself" Thread
Post by: McCauley on December 13, 2011, 04:50:33 pm
Hi all, first post.

Great job on the engine. Apache video is impressive.

36 years old, from France. Job: webmaster (ecommerce only) and PHP/MySQL teacher. Mainly using Linux although I still have a win32 machine, just for games.
Been mapper since 98 for Half-Life, CS and DOD. Then created a HL mod with C++. I create models too, it was useful when HL2 came out. Been mapper for COD too (they lost me when they went down to modern stuff).
Been part of a development team with Aldo for a game called Panzer Elite by Teut.
Wrote professionnal applications for Flight Simulator X.
Wrote several 3D engines about helicopters, WWII tanks, and of course FPS, embedding interpreters for game logic and AI.

Now that you did put together the terrain, JSBSim and the AH-64, I just got to purchase it! More seriously I am interested in making a WWII tank sim.

Keep up the good work. I will wait.
Title: Re: The "Introduce Yourself" Thread
Post by: Deathshot on December 14, 2011, 05:50:41 pm
Hello, It's my first port here.

I'm Philip, 19 years old from Sweden. Right now I'm studying IT towards Network Technician. Low programming skills, mostly the basics in many programming languages.
I play a lot of games, and lot of Simulators.

I am very curious about how much fun it would be to play with Outerra.
Looks like you have done a great job on Outerra.

Good Luck! And keep it up.
Title: Re: The "Introduce Yourself" Thread
Post by: mctash on December 14, 2011, 06:33:54 pm
Goddamn that was quick Deathshot :) Only told you about this 5 mins ago.
Title: Re: The "Introduce Yourself" Thread
Post by: Deathshot on December 14, 2011, 06:35:18 pm
Goddamn that was quick Deathshot :)
Well I had time to do it so I made it fast ;)
Title: Re: The "Introduce Yourself" Thread
Post by: BlankCache on January 01, 2012, 03:59:27 am
      Hi all. I'm 40 and console gammer turned pc junky for about two years now and realy get into the open world stuff(arma , battlefield 3 , rigs of rods , farm sim , euro truck sim , etc). I drive a truck in the US for a living and like the freedom,guess thats why i like Outerra so much. Hope to see you all on release in some sort of multiplayer(hoping for coop), if its going to have that feature.

Title: Re: The "Introduce Yourself" Thread
Post by: Jagerbomber on January 01, 2012, 01:19:42 pm
You should probably check out FUEL, Blank.   ;D  (Preferably on PS3, but it's on PC (and 360) as well.  I've got a group of friends that still play it on PS3.)
Title: Re: The "Introduce Yourself" Thread
Post by: alexmdv on February 10, 2012, 03:09:36 pm
Hi all!
I'm from Russia.
Long time I'm just reading this forum, but today I decided to register here.
I'm a fan of a flight simulators and seems to me - Outerra will be a new greatest engine for any kinds of simulators!

Title: Re: The "Introduce Yourself" Thread
Post by: Oldtown on February 25, 2012, 06:12:38 pm
Hey guys ...

I am from Berlin, Germany and I am a qualified technical assistant for geovisualisation. Sounds crazy but is nothin more then a digital cartograph of the 21st century. GIS and other Software is my favorite and I used them quite often in my education time. Unfortanetly this job is almost dead because google brought simple geo-data to everyone for free. In my freetime I like to build 3D models and I fly in the virtual Stuka-Squadron StG2 "Immelmann". One of the last biggest Squadrons in Germany. I have great expectations in Outerra because the simulation market is going to die more and more ... everything is getting more simple and unassuming to me. Also I am looking for a creative place ... and it seems to me that I found it on Earth II.

Greetz Oldie
Title: Re: The "Introduce Yourself" Thread
Post by: Dysta on February 26, 2012, 09:43:41 am
Hello guys,

Although I am used to be a 2D art student, but actually I am rather interested in 3D production when there's several new engine like Outerra did. I am from Hong Kong and currently studying in HKDI. If I have a chance, I will get myself some concept creation I'd like to present in Anteworld. I am an enthusiastic in simulation game, something I'd used with both flight, race, war and other sims which is based on real world setting and realistic physics. My PC is just setted up for these games so I won't be disappointed if they're performance costy.

Anyway, I also have my own deviantART website for submitting my artworks as well. If interested you may click the link here: http://dystatic-studio.deviantart.com (http://dystatic-studio.deviantart.com)

and nice to meet you all. ;)
Title: Re: The \
Post by: JackDawson on March 01, 2012, 12:00:41 am
Hey guys. JackDawson is my game name in a lot of Virtual and Crafting type of games. I am here because I am more interested in the design of the engine then the game itself. I love procedural content. I have always been interested in designing a playable universe.
Title: Re: The "Introduce Yourself" Thread
Post by: nanotechnos on March 02, 2012, 05:38:19 am

I'm french, from Paris. Personnaly, I've discovered the game yesterday and was immediately interested.

I do not do any kind of coding (sadly) and I'm currently studying Mechanical engineering.
Anteworld seems to be really promising, like a fusion of Minecraft and ARMA :) (no offense)

My main passion is audio, with friends we run a website with review of ... audio products... (how convenient)
http://www.tuppwerwav.com (http://www.tuppwerwav.com)

I'm playing anteworld in the same time, this message took me...1 hour...
Never make two things at a row :D

Title: Re: The "Introduce Yourself" Thread
Post by: CHOAM on March 03, 2012, 10:30:54 pm
Hi there! I'm from Spain, 32 and counting! Player from Arma series and Outerra follower since year ago... Now the Alpha is out I must say it, it's impressive.

Keep the good work! And hello everyone!
Title: Re: The "Introduce Yourself" Thread
Post by: SilentEagle on March 04, 2012, 05:20:48 pm
Hello all, I'm a 23 year old aeronautical engineer from Midwest USA.  I've been following this project for years during my undergrad time and saw the potential this engine had to surpass anything currently out there in terms of detail, scale, and moddability.  I have basic programming and 3d modelling knowledge, but I'm always looking to improve my skills for career and game development reasons.  On the side, I am also currently serving a support role on a civilian US west-coast jet team, The Patriots Jet Team.
Title: Re: The "Introduce Yourself" Thread
Post by: giallonero on March 08, 2012, 11:48:33 am
Hi everyone, I've just joined the alpha and have no discernable skills but I do make a great cup of tea/coffee! Love the project and would love to help in any way that I can :D A little about me, I'm a 28yr old self-confessed geek from Scotland about to do an HNC Digital Media and learning Java
Title: Re: The "Introduce Yourself" Thread
Post by: lonewulf47 on March 10, 2012, 03:36:27 pm
Hi folks,

I am Oskar, a retired Swiss Airline Pilot with a 37-years career in aviation, flying virtually everything that has been around at that time :) I logged some >15'000 flight hours in ~70 different types ranging from J-3 Cub to Airbus A330. I live close to our Zurich International Airport and am just heading for my second retirement. When I first retired in 2002 (not completely voluntarily as my then employing company Swissair collapsed) I was at the age of 55 and decided that it was not yet time to stop woking an found employment in a company that produces Route Manuals for Airlines. Now I'm on "short final" for my definite retirement at the age of 65.

I'm a dedicated flight simmer for more than a decade and do lots of consulting services for various companies in the Simmer Theatre as well as betatesting for a few dedicated companies. I have followed the Outerra development for quite some time and regulalry publish news as a part-time editor in the german simflight.de portal. The present Anteworld project looks very promising to me - although my only contribution would be some in-deph experience in flight simulation - pointing to the dos and don'ts whenever it comes to aviation knowledge  :o
Title: Re: The "Introduce Yourself" Thread
Post by: Sam on March 11, 2012, 07:52:52 am
Hi all

I'm not real a Facebook fanboy, but nevertheless:  ::)

Here in these Forum I'm Sam and I'm born somewhere in Switzerland. I'm 60 years young and a enthusiastic FSX VFR-Pilot.

Well, tho most of the scenerys in the FSX are suitable, but far away from to be perfect. So with this beautiful Outerra-tool I will try now to build my own little World.  8)

My english it's just a very little, so my story it's finish here.  ;)
Title: Re: The "Introduce Yourself" Thread
Post by: C. Shawn Smith on March 16, 2012, 11:19:51 pm

I started this thread in December of 2010, after a few months of lurking on the forums (mostly), and am still happy to see it still going! :)
Title: Re: The "Introduce Yourself" Thread
Post by: Bromine on March 20, 2012, 04:39:02 pm
Howdy. I'm Bromine. I'm an avid player of the ArmA 2 series and enjoy open-world games including things like GTA IV and Saints Row the Third. You can hit me up on Steam at http://steamcommunity.com/id/jjchrizzles (http://steamcommunity.com/id/jjchrizzles). I am looking very forward to Outerra, also it looks good so far! Greetings.
Title: Re: The "Introduce Yourself" Thread
Post by: PTTG on March 20, 2012, 05:23:56 pm
I'm a bit late to introduce myself here...

I'm a procedural world geek, I've played a LOT of Dwarf Fortress, and I am trying to learn programming.

Western edge of the United States.
Title: Re: The "Introduce Yourself" Thread
Post by: XZS on March 20, 2012, 06:29:23 pm
I started this thread in December of 2010 [...] and am still happy to see it still going! :)

Never noticed this topic before! Should be pinned. (Didn't not noticed it was already pinned either) :D

I'm "XZS" (pronounce it "Exodus"), 31, from France (near Paris).
I'm a freelance infographist, or I'm supposed to be, as I do it 50% of the time (you've got to be very versatile in this kind of job).
So I can do photography as I can do video editing, or music and fxs. And I love all of it, so it is a good thing.

Why I'm here is because I've been waiting for a live-scale sandbox game/engine.
A kind of GTA on a (virtual) real Earth, beside when you kill someone or destroy a car, you don't go to jail. :)
A SA-MP (San Andreas Multiplayers) with 30.000 players, on a real-scale planet sounds pretty cool to me.

On a side-note, I'm somewhat happy to notice we seem to be a more "adult" forum than what I've been expecting.
I mean, it is nice to see lot of people from 14 to 50+ years old, and not kiddies only.
Title: Re: The "Introduce Yourself" Thread
Post by: robin00795 on March 21, 2012, 03:36:53 am
Im french , from lyon, Im currently in school cause Im 16 years old.
I like every kind of code, Im making some html and php and sometime some encryption, I like making videos(here my youtube channel (:http://www.youtube.com/user/robin00795?feature=mhee)
But the things I like the most are planes :)
Title: Re: The "Introduce Yourself" Thread
Post by: thor99 on March 23, 2012, 09:53:35 am
Hi im philip, im one of the admins of a game know as the "world of gotha", its a geofiction game with creative commons licensing (non profit) that me, fellow admin and player have been crafting for over a year. we have created our world to be as high resolution as possible but it would be cool if we could integrate it into an engine such as outerra.

I dont know if the outerra community might allow us to create a "gotha mod" for outerra for the purpose of exploring the planet and improving conworlding accordingly, but would be awesome if we could.

my professional training is biomedical, but im an amateur CGI artist and graphic designer, i possess working knowledge of binary files data and other terrain concepts that have allowed us to craft the planet.

its great to have found such and awesome program, and HI overall.
Title: Re: The "Introduce Yourself" Thread
Post by: Derelict83 on March 24, 2012, 12:53:36 pm
Hello, I'm Rufino Herrera, 28, from Canena (Spain). I am Industrial Designer as well as Mechanical Engineer, and I've been following this project for the last three years. I don't know anything about programming, but I've been using Photoshop and 3ds max for a longer time that I can remember. Altough i've ocassionally posted here a few questions an suggestions, I guess I am one of the so-called 'lurkers', but here I am, very happy and thankful to see this proyect come true and making one of my oldest dreams, refered to videogames, finally real: to have a real (world size), limitless map. Thank you guys!!
Title: Re: The "Introduce Yourself" Thread
Post by: DeltaSim on March 30, 2012, 03:17:04 am

my name Martin Closs an I live in Munich, Germany (yes, the place with all that beer ;-)). I am a aerospace engineer, the "space" part as my job and the "aero" part as a hobby. I fly hang gliders and this is also why I am here: Slightly dissatisfied with the safety aspects of learning how to fly a hang glider (it's all solo; basically you get a slap on your shoulder by your teacher, saying: "You ca do this!"), I decided to develop a simulator. It's original base is FlightGear, which is great due to it's open architecture. The graphics however are - well... let's say not sufficient for simulating aircraft that are flown completely visually. That's where Outerra kicks in: It uses the same flight dynamics model (JSBSim) as I use in FlightGear :-). And the fractal terrain ist exactly what you need to judge height, speed and such while approaching the ground :-)). So I might be using Outerra in a rather unconventional manner: My aircraft model has no rudders, no flaps, no gear, no nothing (hang gliders don't either). The steering commands come from force sensors placed on the simulation setup (basically, a real control bar and real harness bolted to the ceiling). These signals are converted to joystick axes and thus sent to the PC. Furthermore, it's a flying wing. So no tail, which makes it quite hard to establish all the aerodynamic coefficients JSBSim needs. The most impartant ones are lift, drag and pitching moment, which I could take from real measurements.

Once I finished writing everything up, I will place the information on how it works on the web for anyone to build it if he/she wishes (but don't hold you breath, though...).


Title: Re: The "Introduce Yourself" Thread
Post by: ChookWantan on May 08, 2012, 03:42:33 am
Greetings from the Poconos!

My name is Aaron Pappalardo, I'm 19, and I hope to perform for a living. Although performing is my livelihood, I'm a huge gamer. I have been a battlefield fan since 1942, and I love any sort of military game. This includes ARMA II.

Pcgamer.com wrote a short article about Outerra which started my stalking of these forums. Speaking of which, can someone remind them that this exists, and that there is an alpha version to buy? I guarantee that you would see a surge of supporters if you were to have them post another article.

Anyways, cheers!
Title: Re: The "Introduce Yourself" Thread
Post by: Juggernautz on May 08, 2012, 09:43:53 am
Hi from Canada!

I am a professional game/level designer, 26 years old, have been in the industry for over 6 years. I have been waiting for an engine like this for a very long time, as it has so much potential in so many different genres. I really want to see it succeed and for a massive modding/addon community to arise around it. I am currently working on a design document for an ambitious addon which would take full advantage of the engine, allows for community input and should create some interesting emergent gameplay and social dynamics.

Soon as I have something to show, you guys will get to see it and hopefully start the creative juices flowing. :)


Title: Re: The "Introduce Yourself" Thread
Post by: Paddy on May 10, 2012, 02:17:04 pm
Hey there, I'm Paddy from the UK.

First things first; fantastic job so far, Outerra/Anteworld is really shaping up to be something quite impressive. I found out about the project whilst looking at vids on Youtube about procedurally generated worlds.
Like many here I'm a bit of a gamer, so this project has me thinking about its applications to games like ARMA II and Mount & Blade.
I don't have any relevant expertise at all, but I'll contribute to pointing out bugs etc. where I can.

Keep up the good work!
Title: Re: The "Introduce Yourself" Thread
Post by: Sunnyyello on May 27, 2012, 09:20:06 pm
  Hey guys, my name is Chase, 24 years old (Decided to post this on my birthday) and I've been lurking here a long time. I stumbled across this site while surfing the net looking for games with massive maps. Video games and simulators have been a passion of mine for a while now and every time I see an advancement of technology, implementation and a storyline such as the one in Ante world; I get inspired. I think it would be cool to have an online game with world this large and be able to interact with others as well as trade wares.

Once I upgrade to my new PC I plan on getting into 3d modeling and it would be awesome to see stores in which we can sell and trade our creations. I have been thinking about creating a company in the same vein as the corporations in the Mass Effect trilogy,(Devlon Industries,Haliat Armory, Rosenkov Materials, etc.) that uses mined resources for construction, weapons,and vehicles. So far I only have a list of the structure of the company and a few very ugly drawings but modeling should bring them to life. I can't wait to see how every thing unfolds for the engine and the game and I wish you guys have endless success...
Title: Re: The "Introduce Yourself" Thread
Post by: VereWolf on June 02, 2012, 06:36:07 am
Hello, I am Michal and I am from Czech Republic so we are almost neighbors. ;-) I contributed you with some money. I am  interested programming and I am programmer beginner.  But that it is right so I say that your enginne was my dream but so I have never imagined that it can be damn big.

Like programmer I want try and learn to programme Artificial Inteligence at some engine or at something where I can learn it. Learn, try, get knowledge but also I have many ideas but I don't imagine how much it will difficult or hard at cpu etc.

Also I have some expirience with editing and generation of world so I interest also about yours tools that I can try if it is possible. I hope that I don't said anything bad.

I sorry for my english because it is not my mother language and I had not it at school.

Zatím čau. :-)
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Post by: Ice Cold Killa on June 09, 2012, 04:08:14 pm
I'm Artur and I'm a 15 year old boy who migrated to UK from Poland (Łódź). I discovered this project only a week ago from a famous Polish YouTuber. I have always dreamed of such a game where you fly around the world and do anything you want :) I have been hoping to study game programming and make one myself, but as we can see, someone's already doing it... Now all I'm waiting for is improved road system, more vehicles and model importer so I can rebuild Europe!
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Post by: techno_werewolf on June 22, 2012, 05:01:00 am
hy my name's Eric im 20, yoll can call me Eric or techno or wut ever yoll like. I love the game its the best game iv seen on a pc in a long time and i will be plaing it for year's to come :D
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Post by: Siccity on November 14, 2012, 08:19:29 am

My name is Thor, i am 18 years old and from Denmark (The country that drinks cheap beer from Germany).
I have always been obsessed with physics games and customization. My favorite games are Garry's Mod, Minecraft, Deus Ex and Robot Arena 2. I have basic skills of programming, texturing, modelling and animation.

I'm currently studying engineering, and soon i will make the choice either to continue along the path of becoming a power engineer, or game programmer.

My vision for Outerra is a massive multiplayer online sandbox game which doesn't focus on just one thing, but flight simulation, physics construction, live terrain editing, scriptable gamemodes, and if possible, exceed the limits of what Garry's Mod has to offer.

But for now, i just want to blow shit up. (oh yes, bring bombs.)
Title: Re: The
Post by: Thony on November 30, 2012, 01:30:06 pm
Hi all

My name is Anthony, I am 17 and I am from France.

I take a look on your project and I am very interesting by it. I love open-worlds games like Minecraft where you are free to do what you want. I think there is a lot of potential on your project and that's why i decide to join the community.
I hope more people will joins and help you.
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Post by: Éadríc on February 28, 2013, 09:34:56 am
Good afternoon!

Hailing from the Netherlands, I did Scandinavian Studies at uni, minoring in several Old Germanic languages, and am an aspiring writer in the (true) tradition of J.R.R. Tolkien.

I discovered Outerra in the wake of retiring from Mount & Blade: Warband, specifically the Víkingr mod, where I was very much involved in the community, busying myself with level design and such.

The reality and potential of Outerra is in sharp contrast to the severe limitations of the seemingly badly optimised Warband engine, which only allows for small maps with a coarse terrain mesh, surrounded by outer terrains of even lesser quality. I’m glad to see that Outerra allows for huge vistas and high detail on close inspection simultaneously.

This engine seems to offer the possibility of my dream game: a large, open ended, European flavoured world set in a distant heroic age, with much emphasis on travelling, exploring, trading and building, without the overstylisation and overuse of magic as seen in most existing role playing games. I enjoy fighting in games, but I'd prefer it not to be the main goal or activity.
I will be following the further development of this engine and its accompanying game with a keen eye. I understand you are very mindful of resource efficiency and optimisation, and I do hope you will be able to create a world that is not only large but also bristling with flora and fauna.
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Post by: KelvinNZ on March 27, 2013, 11:06:31 pm
Given I have been following this project for well over a year and that I have been able to contribute to the developmental aspect of OT with regards to textures I thought it is at least showing some courtesy that I introduce myself with everyone else.

My name is Kelvin and I live in Auckland, New Zealand. I am in the Information Technology sector progressing as a Systems Administrator (new job reflects this). I have been in I.T for 3 years now and the rest of my life before this was trying to find the best fit of career with my personality (and no, this did not make me unemployable or ruin my chances of remaining in my last career; Health Sector).

Since about 1990 I have been playing with some sort of technical gadgets or computers such as the commodore 64 (or I think it may have been some time before 1990, can't remember now) or Atari. Started with basic coding but when I completed a 10 page tutorial trying to make a game and it didn't run the first time I decided to use the book only to put my hot drinks on to avoid damaging the dining table.

Anyway, I was interested in music for some years playing the piano for 4 of them. Soccer was next on the list, playing this for 11 years, then martial arts, then some tennis. As I matured into adulthood I had to start thinking about what I wanted so many years down the track I decided to go for my private pilot license. During this time I changed career also and moved into I.T. ever since my focus for all things technological has been my main interest (with an exception to my awesome other half that puts up with my nerdiness).

I am now hoping to continue my texturing work to assist Brano with OT textures both now (in it's thinned out state) and in the future (allowing for more textures to represent the world in it's true form).

I work very ambitiously in everything I do so sometimes this can be to my own detriment causing some grey hairs to form but my drive is always fuelled by my interest in how things could look and be (an optimist and visionary) not too dissimilar to Brano and team's motivation for this project.

Appreciate the time taken to read my brief autobiography and hope that you will now understand how I work that little bit more than before  :)

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Post by: giucam on May 12, 2013, 06:25:21 am
Hey all.

it's quite some time i'm here, but i realized i didn't introduce myself, so here it is.
I'm a 23 years old guy from Italy. I'm interested in the IT world, especially the open-source part.
I use Linux as my main system (Archlinux) (and Win7 when i want to play Outerra), so i'm very much awaiting a Linux release :). As a hobby i contributed/i'm contributing to some FOSS projects like KDE (http://www.kde.org), ResidualVM  (http://www.residualvm.org) and Wayland (http://wayland.freedesktop.org).

I'm a scout, i love cycling and trekking in our beautiful Dolomiti (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dolomites).
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Post by: krz9000 on May 13, 2013, 11:36:35 am
hi im chris from munich germany. 37 years old and work as a 3d artist at rtt.ag in munich.
i found outerra a few years ago but i dont remember in what way. it was basically the blog with pretty screenshots and a video of the tatra. i was hooked because of the procedural nature of the engine (im using procedural tools like genetica, worldmachine and vue for work and for private projects quite often, but to see things used in a realtime engine was just great!)

my vision for outerra would be a sandbox visualization hybrid with openstreetmap as a editor and some game logic nodes that we can use to create our own games in this word. i was following the dynamic campaing creation of il2 flight sim and hope something like that could be done for the outerra engine and its sim modules as well
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Post by: Zapa93 on August 14, 2013, 09:17:41 am
Hello fellow Outerr(i)ans,

I'm a 20 year old guy from Sweden that happened to stumple upon this project recently thanks to a post on Reddit(I'm guessing a few of the new members noticed this thanks to the Reddit post too :) ). The minute I read about it, I had to try it out. And after 10 minutes of fooling around, I had to pay for the thing! I'm not one to pay for games that much, but the money was more than just to aquire a game, it was to support this project and help it get bigger.

Unlike a lot of you guys, I have no clue on how to script/other mumbo jumbo so I solely expect you guys to work some wonders here ;) My hopes for Outerra is that it can leave more than one offspring, as in not only focus into one specific application(I highly doubt that'll happen). The one thing I want out of it the most has to be a fully generated Earth, with cities and other lesser details that are crucial(think more accurate shores).

Here's for hoping the community flourishes into something wonderful that you can later say you were a part of, something that everyone can contribute to to get this project to it maximum potential.

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Post by: KelvinNZ on August 14, 2013, 02:59:11 pm
welcome aboard!
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Post by: John514 on August 19, 2013, 12:51:02 pm
Hello everyone! My name is John and I`m from Greece. I have been on the forum for quite some time, so let me introduce myself. I`m 16, trying to get a career in civil aviation. I am a Simulator enthusiast (FS,Euro Truck, Farming Sim, Trainz and on and on!...) and I`m constantly looking for improvements in the core of such simulators. I`m pretty good with Sketchup and I can handle some Photoshop. I`m also trying to learn Blender. (Its freaking HARD!!!)

Things I cant wait for is the introduction of railway vehicles in Outerra.

Title: Re: The
Post by: Honcho on February 19, 2014, 12:18:55 pm
Hello everybody!

I'm 33 years old, married and father of a 15 month old girl. I've been working as a special needs teacher for nearly 10 years now, but I will quit working at school this summer.
My favorite games (besides Anteworld/Outerra) are SimCity4, Mafia (the original one) and 18Wheels of steel. My other hobbies are building car and truck models (24th/25th scale) and ship models (RC). My preferred sports are Canoeing and Geocaching.
Title: Re: The
Post by: John514 on February 19, 2014, 12:22:11 pm
Welcome everyone! Glad to have more people join!
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Post by: PaulMoffat on February 20, 2014, 01:25:14 am
Hey everybody.

My name is Paul Moffat, im 33 years old and from Tauranga, New Zealand.

I stumbled across Outerra by fluke on the internet whilst just browsing around, not sure how I managed to avoid not knowing about it for so long as I am an avid fan of simulators especially flight based simulators. Like Falcon 4, Lomac, IL-2, MSFS, X-Plane and even Orbiter (space simulator) just to name a few.
I also a fan of the upcoming and in development game Star Citizen/Squadron 44 - I really hope it lives up to the hype.

I'm pretty keen in aviation, and would like to finish my PPL sometime when I can afford it. Currently working for a company called Placemakers, in their frame and truss manufacting plant - building walls and roof trusses for houses and commercial buildings.

I'm also extremely interested in computers, have been programming with them since I was about 8 years old. I'm no expert though as my experience is spread over the years with a lot of time in between. I lost major interest with it for a while when a harddrive crash killed all my projects, programs, reference materials and lots of other files. I have programmed in Basic, Pascal, C, C++, Java and even Assembly. I like programming games such as Robocode and Redcode [corewar]).

I've got a bit of website development experience. A whilst back I was trying to build a website using HTML and CSS (another casualty of lost files). I even tried a bit of ASP but eventually got into PHP - felt less monopolistic (Microsoft). Lately though I've just adopted a CMS system. I tried Joomla and Drupal but found Wordpress to just be easier and more compatible with the server (their security settings) hosting my site.

I am also into 3D design which is ironic because I couldn't draw to save my life. I've played around with many game editors and found developing game environments and buildings to be quite entertaining. Such as DCK (dos)/Doom Builder (win) for Doom/Doom 2/Heretic, Duke Nukem 3D Level Editor, Half-Life Editor, UnrealEd, Crysis Editor (sandbox). That experience led me to try out actual 3D modelling programs where I trialed 3DS Max 6 and Maya PLE initially.

I eventually found Blender. Despite its weird interface (earlier versions) the modelling aspect, key configuration or something - it really clicked with me I dont know how or why. Alot of people seem to have trouble with Blender. I was the opposite. Don't know if its because im left-handed, naturally backwards or what,  but it feels alot more natural then 3DS Max which just feels wrong now (I tried it again recently - it felt like I was trying to write with my other hand). Whatever works I guess and being free I really benefit from that :)

I am not overly experienced in 3D Modelling but I do have several years of on/off experience (like all my computer experience). My texturing experience though is VERY NEW. I tend to design things and avoid the texturing part. I do hope to contribute toward Outerra though in the way of 3D modelling so I am currently making an active effort to further my skills in Blender so I am capable of meeting the design quality which an engine such as Outerra naturally aspires for.

I thank you for reading my post, and will see you around the forums :)

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Post by: bmandudeman on July 06, 2016, 03:09:01 am
Hello! I am going to start off with a bit about myself (Duh)

I live in Utah in the USA. I am a Male. I am 15 and am just going into high school. I have been with a computer from the age of 6 to 8. Ever since then I was obsessed with the idea of a perfect game in which you could go around a life sized Earth and do multiple tasks that you could do in real life. As I grew older I realized that such an idea was a tad bit absurd and would not be possible for a decade or two. Of course I found Outerra. I like the idea that the developers are designing it as a game engine, so then unlike other AAA companies that make great engines for their games, they never release them for public use. Today I know that Outerra is just using a bit of its potential, and I cannot wait to see what happens to the engine and maybe some games that will come out of it. Keep up the good work devs! I have some interest and skill in simple programming, game design, and I am more skilled in 3D modelling. Personality: Cynical, Pessimistic, Thinks that he is smarter than he really is, Weak, Neurotic, Has Anxiety and Depression disorders, etc. And yet, I just brush all that crap off and think that it is good for me. Anyway I hope that you enjoyed this Passive Aggressive post that is detailed in some places and not detailed in others.

Just a quick note is that I really do not go back a proofread so expect some continuity errors.
Title: Re: The
Post by: necro on July 06, 2016, 10:11:23 am

you dont have any mental disorders - its called puberty in the rest of the world and is normal for many peoples. Act normal and you will be treated as normal. So you said you are with computers at the age of 6 to 8. That means, that you just started with computer related topics. Have fun with them, maybe you are the skilled person of your dreams in 15 years ;)
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Post by: RAZZOR on October 04, 2018, 12:54:42 am
Hello thanks you for allowing me into this community.

Have been a long time Outerra fan thought to take the plunge and register and see where it takes me.

I have taken more and more interest in graphics engines and Outerra is out there with the likes of Unreal4 and others favs.

So here I am thanks again.

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Post by: KW71 on October 04, 2018, 10:25:25 am
Wellcome, Razzor!
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Post by: Mats Abramson on October 04, 2018, 02:05:46 pm
Hello, Mats from Sweden here. I have been in the train simming area since the first time with Microsoft train simulator back in 2001 and have created some DL:s for DTG:s TS20* during the years.

I have followed the Outerra project for long time with high interest and of course with specially interest for an eventually railway implementation.
I have on a Swedish train simulator forum since 2010 reported Outerra progress when something happends with the engine and/or railway related, the thread here:

http://www.e-buzz.se/forum/showthread.php?t=26303 (http://www.e-buzz.se/forum/showthread.php?t=26303)

Always pointing to the source thread here at Outerra.
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Post by: KW71 on October 04, 2018, 02:12:25 pm
Wellcome aboard, Mats!
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Post by: Jagerbomber on October 04, 2018, 02:17:13 pm
That Himalayas and dirt road, Tatra, Cessna, and apache videos from 2010 are what got me here too, but I can't remember how I actually found them.

Ahh... pre-3D grass Outerra.  :)) :P That was a long time ago....