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Title: Hulk-leaping and other super-powered movement styles
Post by: ledsyrus on July 12, 2013, 10:33:26 am
Great job on Anteworld. It's a really engrossing demo and I can't wait to see how it evolves, with new biomes etc. I only wish the UK terrain set was a little more accurate! Still, when my Rift arrives this is almost certainly the first thing I'll want to try on it.

I'd really enjoy having a "superhero" movement mode built in. You can kind of simulate this with the existing options, but with a few tweaks it could be awesome. I'm imagining...

"Super-strength": add a jump button (scalable power), whistling wind and landing-thump sound effects, and a crater where you land.

"Super-speed": a lot like the flight mode, but pinned to the ground, with variable acceleration/deceleration, and less tilting as you slow down, until at walking speed it's just normal FPS controls.

"Super-flight": like flight mode but with variable acceleration/deceleration, and when you hit the ground you switch to walking mode, after a landing thump and a crater, of course. I guess you could maybe activate this with a double jump?

Add in some Rift-friendly Xbox-controller support (all you really need to add is the ability to bind mouselook to a stick), and you're away.

I figure this could be a pretty empowering experience, but your mileage may vary I suppose.  ;)