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Title: StaleNation
Post by: Cronin on August 21, 2013, 09:39:51 am
Hey guys my name is Cronin,

I am new to the Outerra engine but im amazed at what it has already achieved. In the future this will become the most dominating game engine on the planet. It will most certainly be able to support games ranging from GTA to Cod for sure. I am here today with my idea for a game along with some suggestions that i will link to a different forum entry.


This is my game idea. Its nothing fancy just another regular DayZ style game. Well no you are wrong. My game will use all of Outerras unique features to make a zombie simulator game rather than a pvp based game. In StaleNation players will aim to not only survive the zombie incursion that has left there planet faceless but they will begin to rebuild society and civilization as it once was. Players will be able to use multiple modes of transport ranging from cars, trains, ships, planes to spacecraft. In game you will encounter herds of zombies such as those you would have seen from The Walking Dead amcs top rated show. I plan on making a system where you are not only seen and heard by zombies but that they can smell you also. Players will be able to barricade buildings and hold out while a passing herd comes through or venture through New York on a bicycle with a bag of shopping from the local zombie infested mall on the back. You will be the creator of your world in this zombie simulator and only you will have the power to return civilization to the way it once was.

The game will be released in stages starting from Alpha 1.0 working up to Beta release at Alpha 9.9 which evidently means updates will be a regular occurrence. I plan on making the game free to play for all players with in game shops that you can discover throughout the planet. Here you will be able to spend your baught credits on items that cannot be obtained anywhere in game.

The game will also come eventually with a mod kit for players to add mods to the game much like minecrafts modding method. I personally encourage modders but discourage hackers, therefore hackers will be strictly punished with ip bans.

I aim on making the game very custom choices for players to make such as cosmetic treatments like tattoos and hair cuts to the building of custom made weapons and special items.

This is not half of what i have planned and i will reveal more as time goes on. I hope to see a sdk up and running soon for this game engine as it is very promising.

I would also love to see a full free sdk for non-commercial use also.

Thank you for your time.

Title: Re: StaleNation
Post by: necro on August 21, 2013, 10:40:06 am
*Draws a line on the yet-another-random-zombie-game list*

Your idea must be unique. Please tell us more ;) Did you found a team yet? Without a team you wont realize this idea.
Title: Re: StaleNation
Post by: Cronin on August 21, 2013, 11:10:25 am
My game is unique in the fact that it is not another cheap copy of dayz. My game wont be pvp based it will be more structurally based. Trying to regain civilization is the main goal. The game as it says is an idea not yet implemented. I have 2  people including myself on this team. A level designer/3D modeler and a coder. I am currently writing up A.I scripts in both c++ and lua so i can be prepared for this engines launch. I also have models for most of my planned locations and i have multiple zombie A.I meshes. along with extra human A.I and weapon meshes. We are working on intelligent A.I and building meshes at the moment and previously were going to use Cryengine until we discovered this engine.
Title: Re: StaleNation
Post by: Pyroman31FF on August 21, 2013, 11:36:02 am
How far are you already? Have you some alphashots?
And it would be cool if you would post a lineup of your devteam, so we know who we are talking to while we suggest ideas (we could point it right to the propriate dev instead of enerving the whole lot ;) )

IPa Ban for hackers may backfire, as the ip adress may change on the clientsside and maybe a regular gamer might have the bad luck of getting this IPa and will be banned for his session for no reason :(
Title: Re: StaleNation
Post by: Cronin on August 21, 2013, 01:14:39 pm
Basically at the moment the team is me and my uncle who is the 3D modeler. I code javascript c++ ruby and im currently learning to code lua. I currently have not made the game on any engine all i have done is code A.I make a map plan which i will no longer need and create 3D models. The story line and ideas along with what the finished project should be like are all put into words but no engine is capable of what i had in mind except this one.

In game our names will be as follows and we will all have the title dev before our names.

Dev Cronin - coder and scripter.
Dev Lorik - 3D modeler and graphic artist.

I have scripts for different A.I movements such as the zombie herds and how they react to each other and commuinicate with each other. I have yet to get animations for the movements and animations for guns etc.
Title: Re: StaleNation
Post by: Cronin on August 21, 2013, 01:16:19 pm
Being 100% honest i am pretty new to making games and coding. I am learning very fast but teaching yourself to code market your games is proving very difficult. I really am determined to make my game work and i have passion for it. I just need help to learn what i dont already know.
Title: Re: StaleNation
Post by: Pyroman31FF on August 22, 2013, 05:24:28 am
But still then it'll take ages doing this a deux :( No alpha next year... :/
Title: Re: StaleNation
Post by: Cronin on August 22, 2013, 09:14:31 am
how long do you think itll be before this is released as an SDK