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Title: Snow cover
Post by: 2eyed on May 20, 2014, 04:11:19 pm
I too noticed a down melting of snow cover round the globe with the last updates and all I can say is gray ,gray gray ;)
Since snow is generated procedurally, it shouldn't be to complicated, to do a distribution according to the time of year!?

4589 is stable again.
Title: Re: Snow cover
Post by: cameni on May 20, 2014, 04:26:49 pm
You can head over to world.cfg and find this:

virtelev =  (virtual_elevation) {
   virtelev =  (float2) {
      x = 3500.0,
      y = 0.0
   virtcurv = 5000.0,
   snowmin = 4900.0,
   snowsat = 6000.0

Snow is generated from snowmin elevation, full snow is at snowsat elevation. The elevation is virtual, equals the real one only at the equator normalized on the equator, and with rising latitude it gets higher by virtelev.x*cos(lat) + virtelev.y*cos^2(lat)

To make it work with day of year, we have to use virtual latitude, taking the current inclination angle into the account.