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Title: Recontruct Eartquakes and Vulcanos
Post by: DSCHILDMEIJER on September 18, 2014, 11:09:42 pm

Guys do you like it to while you flying, driving, walk, biking, fight real time or what ever is posible in Outerra, and ones in a while a firm Earthquake uccurs and or few little once noticing only a bit ground shaking and see some cracks in ways/land which we need to repair in Outerra. And when there are cracks noticed while walking, drive biking, you need to make notice of it so it can be repared by the speciaists and see the Earthquake scars for ever utill the last day of Outerra.

Plus after an Eartquake in the ocean a tsunami posibillity too of cours!


Day and night Vulkano burstsings while seeing huge smoke out of the top at day light.
When it is night you can see the lava shooting out of the Vulcano while red lava streams walking down the mountens. and of course al this in a natural behaviour, NOT OVERDONE! and only where it happens in real live too!

Please develop Huricanes, tornados seeing flying cows :P, trees and all of that etc... , uh, O yeah, dont forget microbusts! Absolutly GOOD FOR FLIGHT SIMULATION! My  thing! And a dream to take a chopper flying around active vulcanos in Outerra as in in real live too

Too overboard?

Ok   :-X

Title: Re: Recontruct Eartquakes and Vulcanos
Post by: PytonPago on September 19, 2014, 12:18:39 am
 " ... mr. instructor ? Are you really thinking flying into a hurricane is a proper critical flight training method ? Im not sure whyte it." 

  "... definitely ! You wont fly light breezes out there, boy ..."   ;D  ;D