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Title: Proposed weapon structure?
Post by: zzz on October 21, 2014, 04:39:41 pm
I was thinking about weapon emitters and what would be the best way to implement them. I thought it'd be good if they worked the same as the wheel structure. You detail a whole bunch of fields like so:

var wheelparam = {
        radius: 0.30,
        width: 0.20,
        suspension_max: 0.1,
        suspension_min: -0.05,
        suspension_stiffness: 50.0,
        damping_compression: 0.06,
        damping_relaxation: 0.05,
        slip: 2.0,
        slip_lateral_coef: 1.0,
        roll_influence: 0.1,
        rotation: -1

and then it's this.add_wheel(... to a geom.

Regarding what fields it would need, I think a few such as
frequency/rate of fire
mag capacity
reload time between mags
muzzle velocity
mass of projectile
HP damage
Radius of splash damage
name of graphics file
name of sound file (to be played with each shot)