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Title: NASA Soil Moisture Mission
Post by: Dmytro Lyakh on April 23, 2015, 04:32:01 pm
NASA Soil Moisture Mission has started its work. During next 3 years, it will produce global high resolution maps of Earth soil moisture:


Interesting, can this data be used in Outerra? Just hypothetically, perhaps. :) I can envision ground textures will have color correction applied based on per season changes in level of moisture, but the gap here is a mapping beetween moisture data and the looks of the real ground for space with the given level of moisture. :)

Just a food for thought. :)
Title: Re: NASA Soil Moisture Mission
Post by: John514 on April 26, 2015, 08:09:02 pm
This could actually  be very useful. According to the data, 100% moisture is the  blue colour so wherever there's blue there's a notable amount of water. By using this as a water mask we can tell outerra where to place water. While this would not solve the problem of elevation between inland water bodies it can be used for oceans and seas.

But then again,  I don't think it will provide any additional accuracy for the coastlines