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Title: Object persistence and repeatability? (noob questions)
Post by: OTdude on January 04, 2016, 11:42:27 am
Utter procedural noob here!  :)

I've played with the demo, and it's pretty impressive stuff, but I was wondering how object persistence at a human-level is maintained?

For example; if I look at a tree or rock on the ground, it seems to stay there, such that if I move far way and come back it appears to be in exactly the same place.  At first glance, this would appear to suggest a massive amount of data to place each element, but I guess the concept is to generate what is a unique "forest", but one that is essentially random (or is it?)

The other aspect was persistence...  If I "cut-down" a tree, or many trees, does that make further modelling more difficult?  How much persistence would the simulation allow that is not part of the procedural generation? (craters seem to fit this concept)

Lastly, if I were to install the demo on two different computers, would the worlds be the same down to the positioning of each generated tree/rock?  I guess I'm wondering if it would be Minecraft-like where the "seed" essentially determines the exact placement of any given object in the entire world, in a completely repeatable way.
Title: Re: Object persistence and repeatability? (noob questions)
Post by: Uriah on January 04, 2016, 12:35:27 pm
The short answer is yes, procedural refinement is deterministic, all the way down to centimeter details. There is plenty of discussion on the subject already on the forum.