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Title: Roads Broken after Shutdown
Post by: cjstepney on March 28, 2016, 10:35:14 am
I'm quite new to Outerra (but I have years and thousands of hours of experience in scenery dev. for X-Plane 10). I learned the road and runway system very quickly (I wish there were runway numbers) and am working on perfecting buildings... but I have one serious problem that isn't related to my skills.

I've been building the roads around Manning Provincial Park and Princeton. I completed the beautiful Princeton-Coalmont road last evening, complete with all the dashed and double passing lanes and banked corners. I then made CYCD Princeton Airport, added a couple of objects at the airport. I shut down the program and restarted it a bit later to drive the highway that I had just built. It was absolutely beautiful until I realized that a random 800-metre stretch of it had vanished in Princeton. I fixed that and shut the down Anteworld. I returned a few hours later to find that the same problem had happened... this time at the other end of the road. Is this something that other have experienced before? Is there a solution or should I send something to the devs? I want this solved because I'd love to share the Hope Princeton Highway and Manning Park that I have built and am still improving  :)  Thanks all, and I'm excited to be part of a new community centered around one of the most promising platforms I have ever seen.
Title: Re: Roads Broken after Shutdown
Post by: cameni on March 28, 2016, 02:45:34 pm
Can you edit eng.cfg, set debug_keys = true, and then in game press N key 3 times and make a screenshot of the problematic area? You should see tiles drawn on the ground, and I'm interested whether the missing road is tied to one of the orange tiles.

We know about a similar problem but we weren't able to pinpoint the exact cause. It's somehow related to internal tiling scheme used in OT, and roads that cross it are sometimes not written correctly.
Title: Re: Roads Broken after Shutdown
Post by: cjstepney on March 28, 2016, 05:18:01 pm
It doesn't appear that one particular tile is getting road-hungry (to me at least, I'm sure that a trained eye is much more appropriate for making those assumptions). Unfortunately I had already repaired the old damage in the town of Princeton itself. Some more information about that: I eventually located the old road, it was where I had placed it, but the terrain had reformed over top of it. This is not the case for the pictured problem below, this is just outside the town of Coalmont, BC.





Also, completely unrelated: my "first person walking around" mode doesn't work. I hit "\" and nothing happens. Hitting "8" just drops the view like a camera into the grass and you can't move around any more. I'm using the latest update.