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Title: Lanai Island [WIP]
Post by: cjstepney on April 06, 2016, 11:51:46 am
I am just new to Outerra and experimenting with developing scenery. So far I'm hugely impressed, and I'm excited to see what the programmers have in store for us next. In my other life, I'm a FlightSim scenery developer for X-Plane 10, on the Hawaii Photoreal team. I love Hawaii, and while the trees in Outerra are incredibly wrong on most islands, they don't look very incorrect on the Hawaiian island of Lanai. It has one small airport and lots of fun dirt roads to mess around on, and a bit of exciting terrain. combined with a harbour, I'd say it's a good small location for Outerra that won't waste your time getting from point A to point B, but will still be quite interesting (especially along the north coast with the network of rutty dirt roads). I've finished the main road, airport and harbor, and have started on the road that switchbacks down the mountainside to the North Coast. I've had a problem with spawning boats in the harbor (they go flying up into the sky instead of down into the ocean), but other than that it's going wonderfully smoothly. I'm enjoying having a simulator that looks nice and performs well - my other platform is slowly but steadily going out of date with the developers getting stuck in the "we don't want to rewrite it from the ground up" hole. Here are some shots so far! I've included an overview shot of the island in case you don't know know what Lanai is, and also because I am always blown away by how accurate the terrain colours usually are in Outerra - in this island, spot on.



Title: Re: Lanai Island [WIP]
Post by: HiFlyer on April 06, 2016, 01:14:21 pm
Looks cool! I've always had a soft spot for hawaii.......
Title: Re: Lanai Island [WIP]
Post by: Acetone on April 06, 2016, 02:43:29 pm
Nice job, I'm really happy to see someone else doing scenery content!

A couple of notes:

Also just to be sure, you are working on earth2 right?
Good luck and really looking forward to test the scenery.
Title: Re: Lanai Island [WIP]
Post by: cjstepney on April 06, 2016, 03:14:24 pm
I'm working with Earth2, yeah, I couldn't stand the quality (or lack thereof) of the mesh in Hawaii from the old Earth. I'll take your advice with the backups, and I'll also get a copy of this up for people to try out :) Cheers!
Title: Re: Lanai Island [WIP]
Post by: StrakanXJ on October 29, 2016, 05:50:25 pm
looking forward to trying this out, nice and compact but very pretty...