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Title: sim-time-sec
Post by: bomber on December 06, 2016, 02:40:24 pm
Hi guys,

Could you check to see if sim-time-sec is working in your JSBsim install... I don't think it is..

Apart from being something I need to create a delayed start to some of the flight modelling code it also I think drives the recorded outputs..  you know when you add this to your code.

Code: [Select]
<output name="Test_Output.csv" type="CSV" rate="10">

<property> external_reactions/wing/z </property>
<property> external_reactions/wing/y </property>
<property> external_reactions/wing/x </property>


It's useful to have when you're looking to see why things aint flying as expected.

Can you get back to me if you think this isn't so, so as I can do some more investigating on my flight models.