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Title: Bell UH-N1 (huey) mod (release)
Post by: fly77 on December 24, 2020, 02:57:35 am
It is my great pleasure to finally release, as promised, the bell UH-1N huey heli mod, developed together with Simon 'bomber' Morley.
It is a very sophisticated mod, having lots of features, among which:

- a realistic flight model, including loss of lift in incorrect flight conditions (vortex-ring state)
- multiple autopilot modes
- system alarms
- configurable helicopter fuel, cargo , passengers and ammunition
- working machine gun in gunner seat, producing actual damage on a number of outerra characters, boats, vehicles and objects
- drop-off soldiers and cargo in the scenery when landed ( no pick-up yet)
- searchlight for landing and gunner for night operations
- realistic huey sound
- advanced camera system with explorable cabin, fly-by and ground cameras
- clickable cockpit for instruments and door opening (so far working only when on ground or in stationary hover)

Here is the presentation video and below you find some more videos highlighting in more detail the provided features:


Download the model from here: 

the download includes four files
- the huey mod which will install into fly77 user package folder. Just click on the self-installing otx file
- a modified crate and a modified swat character that need to be placed in outerra root folder into Anteworld/packages/marco folder
- a new version of my old bullet mod to be placed in outerra root folder into Anteworld/packages/outerra folder
If you don't have that Anteworld/packages/marco folder create it and place the crate and swat folders inside
So the complete path for these two files will be Anteworld/packages/marco/swat and  Anteworld/packages/marco/crate
- bullet: place it in Anteworld/packages/outerra overwriting any exisiting bullet folder (which is just my older version of it, so don't worry you will not damage any outerra files)

very important:
configure these three commands in the outerra key binding menu (open with F12)
once opened with F12 the keybinding menu
type "fuel" in the searchbox and then select "Pull fuel for shutdown.." and associate \ key to it
type "starter" in the searchbox and then select "Enagage starters" and associate Y key to it
type "approach" in the searchbox and then select "Autopilot approach" and associate U key to it
Without these key associations you won't be able to switch on the engine !

note that upon spawning the huey will show the key help menu, you can hide it by pressing shift+K, but I suggest you to take a look
at the different key functions, until you get used to them. You can always bring up this help menu by pressing shift+K again

some word on autopilots:
speed hold (SH) and heading hold (HH) do just what their name suggests
hover mode (HM) is used to hover stationary or nearly stationary in the air and to do some very soft landings. It is useful also to do nice takeoffs.
just note that you should enter hover mode only when your ground speed (see GS on the bottom of the screen and/or the speed gauge) is below 5-10 knots
otherwise it may render the heli unstable.
altitude hold (AH) is supposed to hold altitude above sealevel but presently its not working..will be fixed in an upgraded version
terrain follow mode (TF) make the huey follow a path trying to keep radar-altitude constant, that is keeping a constant height above the terrain or water surfaces,
use it only when flying higher then some hundred feet as it allows for some altitude oscillations especially on very rough mountain terrain

use of trim
Contrary to default outerra planes and heli here the trim is not done by using the usual ctrl+w,a,d,z,x keys but by using the joystick in combination with the "." key
How does it work ? Use the joystick to set your desired flight attitude (yaw,pitch,roll), then press the "." key and release immediately the joystick.
The press of "." key registers your chosen attitude as new zero position for yaw, pitch & roll. To take effect you need to release immediately the joystick after pressing the "." key so that the new zero
of yaw pitch & roll corresponds to the rest position of your joystick. It takes some practice but works quite well.


the most important alarm is fuel-cutoff (F): meaning fuel tank is shut off or empty. press the user assigned \ key (see above) to switch on fuel and eventually check
the fuel tank contents using the configuration menu (ctrl+T). This alarm is signalled by a blinking indicator and a buzzer sound

Another important alarm is vortex-ring state (V), which is an anomalous pattern of airflow around the heli blades that results in loss of lift.
This happens usually when flying at low forward speed and occurs around a certain descend rate. The vortex ring state is signalled by a blinking V indicator
and buzzer. The magnitude of lift-loss develops over time so you can stay in vortex ring state for some time before you loose more lift.
To move away from the formed vortex ring airflow pattern increase your forward or sideway speed.

Another common alarm is propeller rpm out of range, signaling that you're not flying in the optimal conditions. It won't crash you, so most of the time you can
just ignore it. This is why its just a visual alarm.

torque rpm (T) out of range and exhaust temperature (ET) are another two alarms. When encountering ET lower the rotor power (collective) to let the engine cool.

Overweight alarm (OW) happens obviously if you load too much cargo and/or passengers & fuel.

Center of gravity offset alarm means the load is not balanced (so far all weights are loaded balanced so this alarm should actually not happen for now)


P : unload troop
shift P  : unload cargo

left mouse button: when in gunner seat fire machinegun

interactive cockpit:
left mouse button:  when in pilot seat use as interactive cockpit cursor, to zero clock, to zero barometric altitude , to press autopilot buttons and to open doors (except slide door which opens by O key)

C (& shift+C)  : change to external camera view
v (& shift+v)  : change between pilot, gunner , tail view and fly-by views (including ground level fly-by view)
H :  fly by camera range increase
J :  fly by camera range decrease
K :  ground level fly-by camera
F:  lock fly-by camera position in place
numpad +/-:  zoom
arrow keys: move around in cabin
arrow up/dwn : adjust ground camera height

ctrl + T : configure huey fuel, cargo, passengers, ammunition and graphical settings
arrow up/dwn : change menu item
left mouse button: select menu item
arrow left/right : adjust menu item value

. key  in combination with joystick : trim set
user key (suggested Y ) starter associate to air:controls:starter
user key (suggested \ ) fuel cutoff , associate to air:controls:fuel cutoff
O: slide door open

ctrl + W : terrain follow autopilot
ctrl + A : selevel altitude hold
ctrl + D : heading hold
ctrl+ S : speed hold
user key (suggested U associate to air:autopilot:approach) : hover mode

Help & info:
shift + K : help menu
ctrl + K : identity label
B : debug info

L  : search(landing) light
shift + L : cockpit light
shift + N: navigation lights


video description of the mod features



Title: Re: Bell UH-N1 (huey) mod (release)
Post by: aWac9 on December 24, 2020, 12:24:24 pm
a beautiful job, well done ... although I will have to practice a lot, I still mess with the controls.
When you have time, make a video with the starting procedure (keys) navigation where you can see which keys you are pressing, because the doors open to me but it doesn't take me off the ground.
we have fun with this bug .. thank you both, congratulations and have a merry Christmas, in peace and health.
a hug to the outerra community.
Title: Re: Bell UH-N1 (huey) mod (release)
Post by: fly77 on December 24, 2020, 12:54:24 pm
Thanks aWac9. Will do a video with starting procedure. In any case after you have set up the menu keys ("\"  and "Y" and "U" as in the description), first press \ to enable fuel ( F alarm should stop)  Then press Y (starter)
you should hear the engine starting and rpm/n1 gauge showing rpm and n1 increase,and of course see rotor start rotating. If it doesn't its very probable that you have not set the keys in the F12 outerra menu as in the description.
Also sometimes you need to press starter a second time if you notice the rotor isn't spinning up fast enough. The starter is a pushbutton (not a toggle switch) so you can press it as many times as you want.

Important: don't ever press the "E" key . "E" is usually used for engine start/stop toggle in outerra, but not in this mod.. On the conctry it may cause confusion and may be the cause why you couldn't start the engine. So avoid "E" and just use "\"-> "Y": same for engine shut-off, never use "E" and just cut the fuel by pressing "\"
Title: Re: Bell UH-N1 (huey) mod (release)
Post by: aWac9 on December 26, 2020, 12:40:54 pm
/ I open fuel
and start boot
I accelerate with the throttle to give power to the engine, (collective assigned axles) and it does nothing, it does not lift off the ground
what am I doing wrong?
does not take off, s.o.s.


Title: Re: Bell UH-N1 (huey) mod (release)
Post by: fly77 on December 26, 2020, 01:06:06 pm
Your key settings are OK. but probably you are pressing the wrong key or joystick axis for taking off. Can you  using the default keys for heli instead of joystick ? Just to understand where is the cause.  I see on your screen the throttle value as you increase throttle...that's not the way to fly a heli. You need to increase collective....not throttle.. I think you were pressing the throttle key or throttle axis of plane instead of the collective axis of heli...because increasing collective shouldn't show any info on throttle% onscreen..that seems you're using plane throttle....maybe disable any axis from plane for now. SO what I would suggest is reset all outerra menu keys to default and the assign just \ Y and U as you did correctly and then try to use collective keys R to increase F to decrease..you should be able to take off.. By the way if you want to select any item in the config menu list click left mouse button. The selected entry will show in red.

(https://i.postimg.cc/HWPMWP5R/default-Heli-keys.jpg) (https://postimages.org/)
Title: Re: Bell UH-N1 (huey) mod (release)
Post by: bomber on December 26, 2020, 03:08:33 pm
Let me explain the throttle issue.

The collective adjusts the blade angle of the rotors, increasing the blade angle increases lift and at the same the adds load on the turbine. The increased load slows down the rotors from it set rpm of 325.... The turbine governor increases the throttle to maintain the rpm of 325.

So the pilot has no direct link to the throttle.

I'd remove all throttle keyboard and joystick controls if I was you.
Title: Re: Bell UH-N1 (huey) mod (release)
Post by: aWac9 on December 26, 2020, 08:03:43 pm
Thanks fly77, the axes were not well mapped and did not obey, I did a cleanup in the registers and reinstalled the drivers ...
It is fun,,

Title: Re: Bell UH-N1 (huey) mod (release)
Post by: fly77 on December 27, 2020, 02:05:57 am
Glad to see that you solved your issue...yes I agree it is really fun to fly this heli  ;) (did a lot of flying during testing)
Title: Re: Bell UH-N1 (huey) mod (release)
Post by: aWac9 on January 18, 2021, 04:21:20 am
Practice Huey
* I can't see the impact of the bullets ,, is it a plugin installation problem ???

Title: Re: Bell UH-N1 (huey) mod (release)
Post by: fly77 on January 18, 2021, 04:57:31 am
Practice Huey
* I can't see the impact of the bullets ,, is it a plugin installation problem ???
..probably in daylight at big distance you just don't see any impact effect....to check if there is any problem:
try shooting onto the concrete when the huey is on the runway , you should see impact holes and impact smoke as well as impact flash. Then try shooting from the air at night, you should see impact flash on the ground.
Also try to place some crates, drums, or tatra or swat or cows or US coastguard and shoot at them...at some point they should explode or die.
The list of "damageable objects" included in th huey mod so far is this:

It can be easily extended if needed. Try to see if you can get any effect on them. Note that each one has its own "damage threshold" and you will need to shoot a certain number of shots to get the "damage". Also if you change target before damage occurs the object will "recover."

(https://i.postimg.cc/gJVxH3dh/impact.jpg) (https://postimg.cc/gX0cYXxc)