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Title: Camera tools for advanced movie creation.
Post by: Home3D on March 09, 2012, 07:37:46 pm
Good evening Outerra Team,

its my first day after i found Outerra on my research, a great tool with a great future.
I tried to find a similar topic on this board without success so i´m starting over here:

Outerra could be a very helpful tool for Artists, creating landscapes used in film industry/advertising.
Vue, Terragen, Vray+Multiscatter/iToo Forestpack are powerful in creating realistic landscapes but are weak when used in short deadline productions.

The Outerra engine creates a good visual experince that can easily enhanced in post-production.

Is there a chance to see any of the following ideas in a future update or (commercial) add-on:

- Camera: Create a Camera that can be animated with "Timeline" or fly along a "Path". Zoom in/out, FOV presets.
- Targets: The Camera points to a target or can point from one target to another. Moving around a point.
- Timeline: Setting keyframes for the Camera. Sets the time the Camera is moving.
- Path: Creating a path like the road tool does.
- Adjustable Smooth Mouse movement: Smoothes the mouse movement when pointing or moving around in the first person perspective.
- ....

Sounds like a big bunch of work, but it could set new paths Outerra is supposed to be.

I have a little question regarding movie creation.
Are movie creators allowed to remove the Logo and record button after buying the Alpha or are there special licensing options.

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Title: Re: Camera tools for advanced movie creation.
Post by: cameni on March 10, 2012, 01:05:13 am
There's already some very basic flight path recording functionality in commercial version, but it's not yet generally available. There will be a special version with this functionality; Anteworld is not meant for commercial usage (it says in the license terms as well).

Btw the recording button does not appear in saved video files, are you recording with Fraps with F9 hotkey? F9 toggles our built-in video recording, indicated by the blinking symbol.
Title: Re: Camera tools for advanced movie creation.
Post by: Home3D on March 11, 2012, 01:22:16 pm
Hello cameni,

Thank you for the fast response. I found it already in the license.
Until today i just tested the Demo Version without recording something.
I think i´m going to buy the commercial version for private use.
We already using Vue at work so its not bad that we cannot use Outerra for commercial things.

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