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Outerra Tech Demo download. Help with graphics driver issues

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 on: February 05, 2023, 10:20:37 pm 
Started by cameni - Last post by TheFlightOfficer
There is an error when installing this.

 on: February 04, 2023, 07:15:15 am 
Started by fly77 - Last post by fly77
A small bug of the mod can easily be fixed by yourself: When driving fast or when trying to play music in ufo mode you will note some funny sound quirks. These happen because of a bug in outerra itself. For now an easy fix is to use .ogg stereo files instead of .ogg files. It will make the music play more "cleanly" whatever your speed, even when going supersonic with the mig or in ufo mode.
While this will produce a list of ...."is not mono" errors after spawning the musicplayer you can just ignore these errors since having them stereo is the intended purpose.
The only downside to this fix is that you can't have any longer a "local" soundsource decaying with distance..so the "local" button on the musicplayer GUI won't do anything now. But in exchange you can better enjoy the music

 on: January 31, 2023, 11:15:00 am 
Started by fly77 - Last post by fly77
Its my pleasure to share with you my greatly improved car-radio or rather car-music-player mod. Its now no longer
tied to the legran car. You can use it anywhere you like wether in ufo mode or in any vehicle , boat or character.
(not working great in planes unfortunately. It seems outerra soundplayer has some problem with lag when soundsources move very fast.)

Just as a reminder: its a music-player not a radio. So it comes with a folder with 100 default copyright free music files.
This also means once spawned please wait for about 15-20 secs for the player to load all musicfiles (which is is about 278 Megabytes !)

To add more or change them just drop your own .ogg music files in the folder named "fly77/musicplayer/mymusic".
just don't delete the file named ---.ogg.
Of course the more songs you drop in this folder the longer the preload will take.

To convert any audiofile that you want to be included into .ogg format see a suggested instructions below.

download the mod  from here :


1) drop the files following files into Anteworld/plugins folder and accept overwrite if you already have my old versions
of the fly77_plugin.dll and fly77menu_plugin.dll. Any new version is backwards compatible.


2) click on self-installing musicplayer.otx file

To spawn the musicplayer open vehicles menu and search for "musicplayer"
Wait for about 15-20 secs for all the muscifiles to load.
The first song will then play automatically, selected randomly from the available ones.

Press "NEXT" button to switch to the next randomly choosen song. Note songs won't repeat untill all 100 songs have been played to guarantee a nice variety.

By default music plays in "GLOBAL" mode which means it will be heard at same volume wherever you are, including in ufo mode..kind of background soundtrack .

pressing "GLOBAL" button will switch it to "LOCAL" which means music sound will instead be emitted from a localized source in 3D space in outerra tied to the last
vehicle/boat/plane/character you enter.

pressing on "LOCAL" will switch it back to "GLOBAL".

Increase volume by pressing the PLUS button and decrease it with the MINUS button .

The sound playing next is shown in the radio interface

To show the music-player interface press the "I" key on the keyboard.

To hide the music-player interface press ESC (twice). I was unable to make it close with the "I" key so far unfortunately.

Have fun !

creating your own playlist:

convert any audiofile that you want to be included into .ogg mono format
.ogg mono format is needed if you want the music, audio be localizable in space inside outerra, exploiting the binaural audio feature of outerra.
If you think you don't need this you can also use .ogg stereo but the sound will not be localized in space.
Note that even if sounds are mono you don't notice this really very much inside outerra as the binaural audio feature of
outerra will still make them sound great...indeed stereo is about localizing sound in space and so is binaural audio.

Since your audiofiles will normally not be in .ogg format you need to convert them first.
A fast and easy way to do this is by using one of the many free online audiofile conversion websites.
The important thing to consider is that it allows you to convert the files to .ogg mono
The website that I used and that does this very fast is


So drop your files into this website, choose convert to ogg and under advanced settings choose "mono".
After conversion download and unzip the package
grab the converted soundfiles and drop them into Anteworld/marco/mymusic folder
One last check: verify that the names of your musicfiles don't contain any of these symbols like ' " \ / . others should be OK. In case rename them.
That's it.
The new songs will be availbale upon restart of outerra.

 on: January 25, 2023, 12:40:03 am 
Started by fly77 - Last post by fly77
Important note: today 25-1-2023 i noticed that ot.cfg was missing. Added it to the download and updated installation instructions. Please redownload and reinstall.

 on: January 21, 2023, 07:23:36 am 
Started by fly77 - Last post by fly77
Hi verybody ! I am glad to share with you my navigation map which includes a interactive routing tool.
This mod will make finding your way by car in outerra much much easier and more interesting and fun !

Adding routes to outerra is an idea that has long been on the wanted list and finally its possible with this mod.
The map is based on leaflet and leaflet-routing machine.

download the mod from here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/14cUPQ6GvErq2lajDflDVMv98gUPUYusa?usp=sharing

installation instructions:

1) drop the files


into the ../Anteworld/plugins folder

2) drag the "ot.cfg" file into defaults/iomap  folder in the root folder ( outerra/Anteworld/defaults/iomap)  make a copy of the "ot.cfg" file beforehand
drag the "ot.cfg" file also into iomap in your user folder  (for example username/Outerra/iomap)  make a copy of the "ot.cfg" file beforehand

3) click on self-installing leafletMap.otx file

how to use:

under vehicles menu (F3) type "map" and you will see a "vehicle" named leafletmap.
Spawn it. This will start the map mod.

To show the map press the y key !

(note the default outerra map is not affected..its still there if you want by pressing m key ..but I doubt you would want to use it
after you have experienced this much better map)

press y key again to hide the map

pan/drag shown map area with left mouse-button pressed

zoom with mousewheel or +/- buttons on the map

your position and heading are shown by the blue arrow marker

if you enter a vehicle or plane or boat in whatever camera mode (follow camera or first person camera) it will show correctly and precisely the
vehicle/plane/boat position which is at the arrow tip.

to create a route click "create route" button: a short default route to the north will be generated that you can modify by dragging the
destination marker to the location of your interest.

When you create a route the driving instructions are shown in a box to the right.

by clicking on the entries in the list you can show the corresponding waypoints which will be highlighted on the route
as blue circles until the mouse is hovering over the selected entry in the list

if you want to hide the driving instructions box you can collapse it by clicking on the red cross.
Click in the resulting minimized driving instructions box to show it again.

you can add waypoints to the route by clicking on the route, which will add more markers that you then can drag to the
waypoints you like

theoretically leaflet routing engine also supports deleting waypoints but I couldn't get this to work for now, but if you
have added a wrong waypoint just drag it to the correct waypoint position or completely delete the route and create a new one

to delete a route click on "clear route" button.

have fun !

 on: January 17, 2023, 03:59:14 am 
Started by Revolver - Last post by fly77
bald alles fertig, scheint so. rechtzeitig zur veroeffentlichung der neuen outerra world sandbox (innerhalb 6 monaten)

 on: January 16, 2023, 07:01:45 pm 
Started by Revolver - Last post by Revolver

Hab den Sporn samt Federbein, Gabel, Rad etc. überarbeitet und jetzt ist er komplett fertiggg!  ;)


 on: January 07, 2023, 08:51:21 pm 
Started by aWac9 - Last post by mslima73
Hello, someone with the same problem in 2022? I didn't find the solution on the forum.

 on: January 03, 2023, 07:14:49 am 
Started by SilentEagle - Last post by fly77
Let's begin year 2023 with fishing in outerra world sandbox (mod) :)

 on: December 24, 2022, 02:15:19 pm 
Started by aWac9 - Last post by fly77
Gracias! Feliz Navidad !

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