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New COLLADA importer

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Both options should be supported, the actual usage may depend on the quality of LOD generator and impostor cache etc.

C. Shawn Smith:
(hating to resurrect an old thread, BUT ....)  

 Any possibility you can post a sample hierarchy for model creation?  I'm just curious in your setup :)


--- Quote from: cshawnsmith ---Any possibility you can post a sample hierarchy for model creation?
--- End quote ---

 I have prepared two buildings from Lukla as an example how the hierarchy should look like, but there is nothing special because we don't have neither a LOD system implemented yet nor other useful stuff...

I am preparing a new version of our COLLAZER tool which should be included in the demo as well. This new version will import only the geometry and its hierarchy. Materials will have to be assigned within the engine/sandbox.

Package includes:
- blender file
- exported collada file
- textures


C. Shawn Smith:
Thanks! :)

Materials assigned via the Engine?  I'm assuming a standard UV mapping for materials/texturing, correct?


--- Quote from: cshawnsmith ---Materials assigned via the Engine?
--- End quote ---

Yes via the Engine. It is not unusual in other engines too.
There are a few reasons for that. No one is able to set material correctly in 3D modeler app (3DMax,Blender,Maya etc.) because of different lighting models and material shaders. In Outerra all lights are dynamic so you have to see model in different day times to be sure it is looking good. Next reason is that exporters are not filling material section in COLLADA file properly, this is not problem only in COLLADA exporters. The next one is we are planning to have procedural materials available too.

Btw material assignment in engine will be easy and fast operation. Final material tuning will be much more time consuming. And when you change the model geometry, engine automatically reassigns the materials unless you totally change the hierarchy. There will be other tools/helpers available to make the whole process less painful and more effective, like:
- automatic texture reload on change (this is already there)
- automatic reimport of COLLADA when it changes

So you can have running Outerra sandbox and also working in 3DMax and when you export geometry or change texture in Gimp for example everything will be realoded and reimported with last settings and you will see changes almost instantly.

--- Quote from: cshawnsmith ---I'm assuming a standard UV mapping for materials/texturing, correct?
--- End quote ---

All UV map channels will be imported from COLLADA. In engine you will not be able to modify them. You will be able to set scale and offset per UV channel in material.


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