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Just came across this article: http://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2012/05/10/thank-you-for-the-dayz-part-zero/

A zombie survival mod for Arma2.
It has free roaming, multiplayer (50 per server) and zombies. You can team up with other players and shoot the zombies, or shoot other players or both. Its a fight for survival, supplies and weapons and it features permadeath (you can respawn on a beach, but loose all your acquired stuff).

I think something like this could be a great addon/mod idea for a certain engine, possibly early on once addons/mods can be made for it, as it does not necessarily require complex game mechanics. Just exploring, getting stuff, and trying to stay alive as long as possible. And zombies of course.

But with such a big world it would need lots and lots more players.  :P

Started playing yesterday.

We will see how well this goes.

They really need to increase the amount of supplies to be found as I walked for 3 hours across a few of the towns and I only found at most a can of food and a pistol clip that I couldn't even use. They didn't let us use a map and therefore it was difficult for parties to be formed. Not to mention it made it easier for any badass wannabe bandits to escape from the murder scene. Still it's pretty fun.

I would love to have a simpler version of the DayZ mod on the Outerra engine. Then it becomes the greatest zombie game of all time.  ;D

Supplies are limited. HOWEVER I found a fishing boat with a quarter tank.. Two gas cans to fill it in Electro to half a tank.. Get murdered by some son of a bitch with the boat safely hidden.. Then come across the mother load in the power station above electro with like 15 makaov mags, extra flairs, 6 cans of beans, A Lee Enfield with two clips and an M16 with a single 30rd Mag.

I then left the server because I am so afraid of being raided. Lucky for me I have friends on the way.

Zombies?  Lame.


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