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Author Topic: My View on Outerra + Example concepts  (Read 4458 times)


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My View on Outerra + Example concepts
« on: November 11, 2012, 03:30:59 am »

Hi there,

I came across your engine through a arma2 forum and i would like to say it looks very awesome
after looking through your forum i really like the sight of all these idea's brousing up by everybody.
Hence i would like to toss my 2 cents in to the pot.
I have been playing games as a past time since 1999 and forth and although i loved the early generation games my interest in gaming has progressivly fallen flat with the newer style games.
Focussing pretty much on graphics and elements that have been done 1000 times before, and by that i mean core elements. for example Loot spawning. Character creation, Ammo boxes, Linear storylines, health systems. Re-Petitive multiplayer (see what i did there?) and such.
So yeah, after taking a look at your engine i feel all these new ideas coming up and would like to share it with the community.

1. ModWorld
   Basically it consists of one world where people can make mods inside the world. With mods acting as minigames sort of like happy wheels on steroids.
   Where one can drive/fly/boat to diffrent mods. Possibly with a player/resource upkeep to maintain.
   The general theme would probably be a feel good scene where no seriousness occur regarding "Zombies" "War" or "Apocalypse"

   Where the mod creator can spend his earned kudos to enable byte slots for importing newly created models/data
   Players can earn kudos/items/skins through the mod but the loot mechanics are not handled by the mod itself sort of like a apple appstore
   So after a while people would be dressed/defined totally diffrent by what mods they have been played+ achievements etc etc.

   A) Mod Creators are not players and thus cant giveaway kudos.
   C) A mod(not a person) can only give away kuds if there is a monitored kudo balance in the world.
    D) A mod needs to be accepted by the outtera dev team

      Pros: It would make for a fun experience. Sparkling imagination sort of like: Little Big Planet meets Happy Wheels
      cons: It could turn out in a ravaged wasteland of unused/unpopular/unmaintained mods if left unchecked.
2. VR Surival Tourney
   Basically this idea consists out of the fact that one day gaming will be a ultra competitive esport.
   It basically begins with a world tourney where anybody can enter. If you have played Metal Gear Online (MGS4) You know what iam talking about.
        MGO Video:
   And that players are left to scavenge hunt surive and kill for points. Yes! Points. Like in highscore points! Retro FTW.
   So yeah the world is not nearly as big as the normal outtera world but its mostly defined by how many players signed up.
   And after each round the world gets smaller. Till there is only 1 arena where the finalists can battle against eachother.   
   The general theme of this game would probably be a scifi/punk setting, Modern weaponry survival with hitech scenery.
   Also would be kool if the game world actually behaves like a game world. (sounds weird) but like the matrix for example.
   And taking that ofline aspect into consideration so that people dont feel the stigma of games being ment for teenagers/kids.
   for example at each round the world gets created from a visual binary mask. :P

IDK if these ideas actually makes sense but thought it might help

Most importantly though imho is not to make a engine but to direct the scenery world and let players/developpers have creativity in creating elements of that world.
10 global game worlds spanning 1 mod for example would spread a userbase thin really really fast.(non persistent multiplayer)
1 global game world spanning 15 mods each would spread a userbase thin really really fast.( persistent dedicated multiplayer for each mod/game)

The trick will get old really fast especially if the world is so big. No matter what genre..



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