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For bug reporting we are now using an issue tracker (Trac), please use it for reporting bugs and keeping track of changes/fixes. The tracker is accessible at

For write access to the tracker you will need to have your personal access code generated. To get it, launch outerra.exe, and when the login window appears, click on the "Account" link just below the login button. In the following screen click on a link to get the access code. Please copy the access code, and use it as a password when accessing from external browser, together with your Anteworld login name. Note that the login name is case-sensitive.

Once you can log in to, please go to preferences and set your email address so you can receive notifications about the bugs you have submitted.

Getting your access code will also allow you to open the tracker window from within the game (F12).

The internal tracker window doesn't yet support attaching files, this will be implemented when we update the browser plugin. Then it will allow also attaching current screenshots and configuration files automatically.

When filling a bug report please don't forget to specify your graphics card series and operating system, unless it's an enhancement request.

When you get the code does it include all the special characters too? IE 

enabled (ext.access code: #*XXXXXXXX!*)

Yes, everything after the space up to the end brace.

Changed the url to the tracker to, so that the browsers can remember the access code without overwriting your remembered forum passwords.

If you get an error with cookies, please first log out at the old address, and then log in back at

Yes but errors like this one doesn't call the error report window and they freeze the all system.....
It append when I record a video after a few seconds. Any Idea?

Anyway this game/simulator is just great!!!!


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