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Textures could be downloaded here:

- Skin 1 - Skin 1 with MipMaps

- Skin 2 - Skin 2 with MipMaps

- Skin 3 - Skin 3 with MipMaps

- Skin 4 - Skin 4 with MipMaps

Original texture

Unpack the skin you want to use to the \Anteworld\packages\outerra\c172\ folder, overwriting existing file.

BTW, these skins will work only with test version of OT -

Made new paint for the Cessna:

Cool :)

Reminds me that we need to test the skin system for the packages soon.

That would very nice. Right now I have to reload Outerra every time I need to see the changes in texture.

And here's some work on Tatra (I really dislike default "minecraft-ish"paint):

I could upload textures somewhere if anyone interested.

Yeah, Minecraft has spoiled the digital camo :)
This one has too intensive colors for my taste, I would desaturate it a bit, but otherwise nice.

I'll put the screens on facebook if you don't mind :)

Sure, no problem


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