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Test of vehicle physics

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First test of vehicle physics in the engine. Camera isn't yet attached to the vehicle so I had to chase it, without much success I admit :)
Also it's really easy to lose sight of the truck in the big world.


OMG! That's so freaking awesome! I like how the truck was dropped and when it hit the ground the shocks were active. it gives a very good representation of the heaviness of the truck. Everything is just so responsive about the vehicle physics! What kind of options did u guys tweak for that truck? As far as its weight and wheel friction or does the engine know how much it weights by the size or how does it work? Cause i noticed the truck skid of the side of the hill till it came to a quick stop in the beginning.

I applied brakes at the beginning, to get around the truck, and then released. After that I only two times hit the directional controls because I could not manage both the camera and the truck.

Otherwise, the weight was set to 3500kg and suspension stiffness and damping (and other parameters) can be tweaked too.
But the tire model isn't very good yet, adheres too much now.

...nice! =)


Near the end of the video, the truck losses control and I think it is caused by the low level of detail in the surface when the camera moves far from the truck.
How are you planning to prevent that type "crazy" physics in the horizon? Is it possible to increase/decrease LOD distance actually? Will it be possible?

Keep up the good work!


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