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Author Topic: Sketchup and 3d Warehouse  (Read 11219 times)


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Sketchup and 3d Warehouse
« on: May 26, 2011, 01:52:20 am »

I know SketchUp has been mentioned a few times on here as far as quick 3d modeling.  I just noticed that Sketchup can export to Collada and also has the ability to interface with games.  Another cool thing that Google has come out with is 3dWarehouse, which is a great collaboration tool for 3d models.  There seems to be a pretty large collection of models there with many just 1 click away in Collada format.

Will the Collada importer in Outerra be able to directly import from these models?  It seems like that could pretty quickly populate the world with some pretty cool stuff.  Additionally, many of the buildings are geolocated, so that could be useful.  People might even be able to then auto populate their world with the google earth/3dwarehouse buildings, keeping up to date through user submissions.

I'm not really sure if their terms of service restrict this kind of thing or what, though.  I think you're not allowed to make money off of the content, so it might not work.


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Sketchup and 3d Warehouse
« Reply #1 on: May 26, 2011, 10:11:32 am »

The importer should be eventually able to import these. There are some limitations of what can be imported, either for technological or performance reasons, but generally yes - though it will have to be tested.

I don't know about the license, but it's possible that you'd have to obtain the rights from the owners, I don't suppose they gave the right to use to Google and to anyone else, so it may be a problem even if Google itself allowed it.
We can, eventually, make the user be responsible for the legality of his submissions. We need to look at Second Life or some such, how they are dealing with user created/submitted content that may be problematic. Especially if the platform allows to sell stuff, from players to other players, or when the player created content can become a part of the game.