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Author Topic: A Free Roam Game  (Read 3425 times)


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A Free Roam Game
« on: January 17, 2013, 12:31:53 am »

I've had an idea bouncing around for a while, and today I stumbled across this engine. It is exactly what I pictured for my game, and I would love to work on it with a dev.

It's set in a post-apocalyptic planet with a steampunk theme. The main mechanic of the game customization of your body. There's 3 ways to do this.

You have passive evolution, which is your body adapting based on your play style.
Controlled mutation, which is you using harvested DNA to change your body.
And mechanical augmentation, which is replacing your flesh with steel.

I want to have various environments with mutated animals, plants, fungus, and even bacterial colonies. As you progress through the game, your ability to toy with DNA becomes better, allowing you to refine what you collect and use it in different ways.

There will be hunger, thirst, and stamina. However, the stamina bar will be one long bar that depletes throughout the day from your actions and is refreshed from sleep. Different mutations and evolutions will affect these also. For instance, you can change your sleep cycle to make your stamina last longer, but regenerate slower from sleep. There will also be the ability to absorb digestive enzymes from various animals, widening the food you are capable of consuming. Or you could implant chlorophyll in your skin and photosynthesize your own food.

You will be able to control all of your parts of your body individually for a fluid combat system. Each body part will have two actions available which can be changed to suit your play style and mutations. For instance, your default head actions will be headbutt and bite, but if you harvest silk worm DNA, you could change the bite to shoot silken strands.

There is a lot more at my blog (http://evomutation.blogspot.com). Please contact me if you would be interested in helping with the development of what I believe could be a truly amazing game.