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Custom Tree Textures Version 1.0 - with seasons & Custom_Textures_v4.5

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Hi all,

I've been at it again. I've been fiddling with the tree texture now and managed to find something which doesn't look too bad, although it isn't an Austrian pine  ::)

I have reworked for all 4 seasons so again hope you enjoy. I've included the default in case someone overwrites theirs by accident. I have also included instructions from start to finish relating to both ground and tree textures.

Added new gravel
Lightened road colour
Added new trees - all seasons (to match the seasonal ground textures)
Reworked previous summer texture

new tree

new summer

new winter

new spring

new autumn


Winter is Coming..


--- Quote from: ZeosPantera on January 26, 2013, 10:04:11 pm ---Winter is Coming..

--- End quote ---

please, do go on...

Another showcase of the trees in the lovely springtime.

I think this is very cool and a good idea. Good job! The fall pictures look great. In my opinion though, the texture of the tree should be somewhat uniform in lighting. For example, in the first picture you can see the left sides of all of the trees are brighter because that's where the sun is shining on them. It looks a little odd and inconsistent when used in a large amount of trees, especially when they overlap each other. Other than that, great work!


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