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Custom Tree Textures Version 1.0 - with seasons & Custom_Textures_v4.5

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Hi Kelvin

It's difficult to build mixed forrest with mixed trees? Independently from altitude difference and Long / Lat location.

If you rename the world.cfg to world_summer for example, so Outerra write a new world.cfg. automatically. So if you change the season, you must rename the world.cfg to worldorig or something like that and the world_summer rename to world.
Or you edit always the original world.cfg.   ;D

Likewise you must change the, otherwise you will see the wrong tree color.

At present the developers only have one tree type available, it is just a 2d tree texture which should change later.

You can create 4 versions of the world.cfg file if you choose to and then configure each texture-mod parameter in each file for each season. the file must be copied over to the texture folder if you want the tree to match the season. I have instructions to do this in my file.

Please note that this is all a work around until the developers integrate their technology into the engine so there maybe a time that will mean all this is not necessary.

Hmm when i click on the link it says Invalid link, can some one help ? :)


--- Quote from: HansensUniverse on October 23, 2013, 06:29:40 am ---Hmm when i click on the link it says Invalid link, can some one help ? :)

--- End quote ---

Yeah, sorry, I had some retention problems with some textures before, so not all textures are available. I didn't worry too much because it was all early work with some flaws and I started work on some other texture sets.

find what you can here its hit and miss.



No problem looking forward to these new things coming to Outerra my current favorite engine, bone stock it's pretty amazing textures to start off with




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