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Middle-Earth World for Outerra released!

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(Update - see here)

Guys from the ME-DEM Project have released their first version of terrain data of Middle-Earth compiled for Outerra.
Upon installing the dataset (see the release announcement below for the links), an option to select the planet to go to will appear on the Outerra login screen.

ME-DEM Dataset 1.0

Here's the ME-DEM release notes:

Hey all, the Middle-Earth DEM Project (ME-DEM) is announcing the release of its first demo!
The demo consists of a FREE interactive Middle-Earth world viewer as seen in the linked video. The scale of the world is 1:1 ... real sized.
 If you've ever dreamed of flying around Middle-Earth, of sitting by the cool lapping shores of Lindon, of strolling through the singing forests of Lorien, or racing over the cruel spires of Mordor ... now's your chance!
Just download and install it.



* Download and install the FREE Outerra Tech Demo (Anteworld); the Outerra planetary renderer.

Minimum hardware requirements: 2 core cpu, nvidia 8800 GT series with 512 MB gfx memory, ATI 57xx series.

Outerra Tech Demo download: http://demo.outerra.com

It's advised to get the demo working first before proceeding further. If your hardware fulfills the requirements and you still have problems please check the list of common graphics driver issues and startup problems

* Download and install the FREE ME-DEM dataset.

The dataset is 1.1 GB

middle-earth-v1.1.otx (direct)

middle-earth-v1.1.otx (Google Drive)
middle-earth-v1.1.otx (Mega)

Just open the downloaded otx file, it will be installed automatically by Anteworld.

At the login screen, select the Middle-Earth (medem) world from the menu above the login button. It's that easy.

At the moment we're using the vanilla Outerra Earth environment and textures. Hence the snow in Mordor. Outerra
Biomes are currently in development. That will introduce a complete array of ecosystems for the planet, both
textures and vegetation.

We're looking for 3D modellers and environment artists.
This is a demo. In the coming weeks we'll be releasing a Builders Version of the terrain, which will be an updated terrain model ready for modding.
 Included in the Anteworld demo is an entire world based on the Earth. Think Google Earth but with game oriented graphics and engine! Anteworld enables you to change the world environment. Also you can add buildings, roads, vehicles, change models and textures too!



Cartographer's Guild

ME-DEM team mebers: monks, Redrobes

And my 4000 series..

Very nice done. Thanks. =)

Time, I think, for Lord of the Rings Online 2.

And can we say a MASSIVE thankyou to Cameni and Angrypig!! You guys are the BEST!  8)



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