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Middle-Earth World for Outerra released!

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Hello, Everyone,

I've just joined this forum and would like to get in touch with anyone interested in rebooting the Middle Earth project.   Let me know who you are are where you are with it.


Hi Eonwe, Redrobes is currently preparing to run an updated texture for this. We spoke to Brano the Outerra developer about adding rivers. In what capacity would you be interested in rebooting the project?



I'm glad that there this project has interest.

I am a software developer and long time Tolkien fan.   I have a great interest his 'world' especially the cartography of Middle-Earth.   I have collected all the maps that I can find including some containing geological and climatological information.   

I would like to see if Outerra can render Middle-Earth including detailed landmarks and structures, well-known and otherwise.   I would love to see it as explorable as the best that is out there for other worlds.

I have no experience with map editors, but I can contribute to scripting events and actions.   What kind of documentation is there available?

How many are there who share this passion?

Hi Eonwe, ...pleased to meet you and thanks for your interest!  :-)...unfortunately at the moment I can't commit any time to the project. However, RedRobes is currently pushing forward to create a more detailed environment map with the input from Brano (Cameni), the Outerra developer. It will take advantage of the improved environments of Outerra. So there will be a new release on the horizon. I'm not able to give any input at this stage. However ME-DEM is a very long term project, and has had down times before, and will re-iterate. All of the data is backed up on more than one hard drive. The website is down, but it is backed up. It was removed by my old web hosts for the sake of a missed payment of £5.00. Idiotic!

 Btw, the ME-DEM project is going to be used by the marketing team at Global Mapper in their advertising. Talking to them at the moment. :-)

 I'm currently busy finishing the album for my band and writing a Tolkien critique. Amongst other things, I have solved the long-standing riddle of Tom Bombadil. His and Goldberry's true identities will be revealed in the book. Sorry, I can't reveal anything at this stage. So I'm still very much immersed in the Tolkien world- at least when I'm not making music.

 We are really looking for 3D modellers and someone to lead that side of things. Would you be interested in getting involved with that? If not, perhaps speak to RedRobes on here. Alternatively, I think we need a plugin for Outerra to provide a better interface for adding rivers. Cameni mentioned that in an email. Would you be interested in taking that up?


Yes we could really do with a lead for the 3D work. What we had in mind was to make up some really rough models of the famous sites. Just enough shape to them so that we could make sure that the terrain would hold the model ok. Then people could pick them off and have a go at making them in detail.

The 3D buildings and stuff in Outerra is done using COLLADA format 3D which is handy since blender and sketchup both support that format. But somebody to make up a text list of all the models that might be good to see and then to pick them off in most important order and make really rough untextured versions embedded into the Outerra world first would be a great target.


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