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Middle-Earth World for Outerra released!

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Greetings, Monks;

Thanks for getting back to me.

Available time is a premium for us all.  Frankly, I don't know how much I can spare, but as i get more familiar with what the project needs are, but should I find anything I'll investigate further.

I look forward to learning more about the editor and what apps are commonly used to develop ME-DEM.   Clearly, Outerra objects can be scripted.   It also supports rivers, so I am surprised that the ME version doesn't have any.   Why is that so?

I'm all for more detail.  I'd like to see all the known points of interest: Hobbiton, Bree, Rivendell...
ture to at least the movies - as they are the kind of visuals most expect.   But, i wouldn't want to stop there.  Tokien mentions lots of places... most of which exist only in words.   And,... I wouldn't even want to stop there.   Most of Middle-Earth has no more detail than just a name.   But, the geology and climate of these places can be inferred by their location and elevation.   That's were the real labor of love is, tho much can be done thru attomation.

I do look forward to the next release.   Where can I find developer documentation for Outerra?

Who Bombadil is certainly has been a closely guarded secret.   The speculation I find most agreeable is that he is the embodiment of the music of Iluvatar.   If JRRT had something else in mind, he may have taken it to the grave with him.

BTW, I think I don't have the patience to model, but I probably would enjoy developing an interface for model format conversions (there are a lot of assets out there).    However, from what you say, the greatest need is rivers.   And, you don't really need to 'place' rivers.   That should be determined by the topology and climate.   At most, only hints should be provided for when the algorithms don't get it right.

Well, stop here.   Sorry for not replying sooner.

Look forward to hearing from you and maybe Cameni.


Hello, Guys!

I'm very interested in your ME Dem Project.
I even modelled some Tolkien places myself using Wilbur and Terragen.
I was very upset that I couldn't find any info on ME DEM website anymore.

I heard that you need 3d modeller to make some models for the Project. I'm making some in Sketchup - this is my hobby. If you are interested I can show you some of them and join the project :)


Sad to say that this forum is not active at the moment.   I hope that will change.    The creator of DEM has a great thing going.  It's unfortunate that not enough ppl have time for it.   I have some time, but there doesn't seem to be enough support.   Hope that changes.   Until then, let's keep in touch and see if activity changes for the better.

Hi, thanks for your interest. :-) Unfortunately I'm just too busy to revisit the files, rebuild the website and oversee the project for the time being, despite interest from Brano (Cameni) and Redrobes. ME-DEM is not dead. It has been through long periods of hibernation before. This is the longest period to date admittedly but as long as the files are still on my disks, then it's still alive. I still keep in touch with RedRobes fairly regularly via other channels.  If you want to build models for it then I don't see why you can't go ahead and do that anyway- unless of course the latest Outerra builds don't support the ME-DEM data- that's probably the case. One of the things I'm busy with is writing a book, a critique of Tolkien's works, so my interest in Tolkien and all things M-E has not waned in the least! I can confidently say that the riddle of Bombadil and Goldberry will finally be solved. //wink... I see Outerra goes from strength to strength. Long may it prosper!  8)


I'm not a model maker, but would like to contribute to terrain editing such as rivers, streams, and waterfalls.   Hopefully, ME will come back to life and after updating and augmented with VR technology will stay alive.   I'll be standing by and try to visit this forum more often to help maintain a presence.


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