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Middle-Earth World for Outerra released!

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I think I'd probably have to take 2-3 weeks out of what I'm doing here in order to get the website up and running again. However, we do have forums on the Outerra website...I'm pretty sure they're still going, so the website is not the most necessary part of it. The most necessary part is the hunting down and reconsolidation of latest files. I think I could take time out from what I'm doing at some point this year but right now I have to finish up with important things here, which will take a while-some months. What's the situation with water in Ouiterra Eonwe?

Ah, so there is an ME forum on the Outerra web site?

Getting the download to install and run is vital to bringing back and attracting new interests.   And, I do believe that there are many who would be interested in this project.

The demo that shows how waterways can be added are fine for canals and such, but I envision the ability to use the terrain and climate to create the natural waterways, rapids, and falls.   I am a software engineer and do have some ideas on how this can be done.

Anyway,...  I do hope this dialog becomes "...will be like the falling of small stones that starts an avalanche in the mountains." <G>



 Outerra would need an interface to import and place in the terrain correctly rivers as vectors en-masse- specifically as .shp vectors. The sheer number and scale of the rivers is enormous. Manual placement would take forever- as someone who has worked on the data, I know :-D


The API would only be part of it.   The real work is in efficiently and effectively overlaying textures for rendering at a distance, and that's easy half..  LOL    The read deal is rendering the physics efficiently and for convincing flows and motion.   Fortunately, PhysX is supported on all modern GPUs.   Unfortunately, I don't have experience on that particular technology stack.    ...but I might be willing to learn. <G>

I am having an error with the -z, and it won't load.


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