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Extreme Buggy - You Love Going Fast! (Beta_1)

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Hello! I have made my first vehicle in Outerra, I will call it the Extreme Buggy because I have used up my creativity on making it.

It goes fast and is pretty stable over harsh terrain as you can see in the video. (I'm sorry but I think it got stretched out a bit somewhere in there.)

It is in beta, as I am still pretty bad at writing/ modifying the code for how it works. Feel free to edit it or whatever you want to do. The textures also kind of suck in my opinion. The joints don't work as I'd like them too either. I made this as my way of testing the importer and thought it was really fun to drive so I uploaded it for you! I will probably make another vehicle sometime in the future. I might fix this one up too.


Damn man.. Need to calm that steering down a whole lot. It will be less twitchy.

The Video isnt playable in Germany! :(

Did you try ?

Steering was like that because I used a controller which ignores the slowness. It's easier to quickly counter steer.


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