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MB-Actros MP4 and Scania with trailer (lowpoly) static models - Download

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MB-Actros MP4 with trailer (lowpoly) static model

I'm making a lowpoly truck and trailer pack (static models).

I've released two packs for Train Simulator 2013. See here:äge/1328-misc-diverse-modelle-by-news/index2.html#post75684
And now I've converted it for Outerra...

Models made by me.


click on the image to enlarge:

Make this drivable and win 7 internets.

I can drive with the lorry, but I don't know like how I can couple the trailer.
I need a script. Does somebody have an idea?

click on the images to enlarge:

Sorry for my english.

Trailers aren't supported yet. When they do, these will be two separately imported objects.

Don't worry newS, your English was perfect.  I wish more native English speakers would bother with proper grammar and spelling.


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