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Hello. This is my first post on this forum, so let me introduce me.
I'm a 17 Years old boy from Italy. I've learnt Blender on my own about 2 years ago and I made a bunch of mods for Rigs of Rods. The RoR's Forum is also were I heard about Outerra. I've tried one of the first demo, and recently tried the latest one. I've just bought the alpha. Just one thing that worries me is that Anteworld won't evolve into a game and will be abandoned. I haven't been long there, so I dunno.
I'd like to show you some of my models. The only proper real car I've modelled (that I finished recently after 4 months) is a BMW E36 Sedan, generic model. It was firstly made for RoR, but I'd be happy to bring it to Anteworld too. It has each body panels separated and a detailed interiors.

Then I've modelled some random custom vehicles.

And this is one of my most recent models

I haven't gathered any informations on how Outerra works (for modding). I will do some researches later. I hope you like my models :)

-I thought this was the right section to post this, If not I please the mods to move it to the right one

You can import Collada format. Those look very good for only 2 years on blender with no training. A bit more detail work and I would call them perfect.

Sometimes that red candy van ends up in front of me on the way home from work... =.=

The models are good. Well lets see them running when they are in OT world

Nice work on the models Nadeox1.


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