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--- Quote from: PatB on February 10, 2014, 06:00:22 pm ---Very impressive models ! Thanks for sharing them

--- Quote ---Indeed you import it? Please some instructions for us

--- End quote ---

Place the folder in your Outerra packages folder
eg :
c:\Users\[name]\Outerra\packages\buildings for example.

and in Outerra, open the Builder ( F7 ) , the new buildings are in the list ; select one, clic somewhere on ground and  select "place". (you can move, rotate the object)

Hope this helps ;)

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THX MAN Now I understand :D


--- Quote from: AKNightHawk on February 11, 2014, 01:34:59 pm ---I was wondering if you might be willing to share the 3D files for these models? I would be willing to actually texture these models for you. if you like? If you would allow me to use them in another project?

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Sorry for the late response. I don't check these forums too too often.

I uploaded the max file and the dds textures that I used. That should hopefully be everything you need.

These are one of the coolest models ever, I love the hell out of greebles and the greebles on these models are just so perfect.

I have a request though, the bridgeAmbient model, it currently spawns on the horizontal plane, I'm wondering if theres a way to edit some parameter somewhere so that it spawns 90 degrees vertical? I have a huge space elevator/blame!/space tower vibe from it and currently since it spawns on the horizontal it's a slight pain to get it straight vertical but even worse is when I lose the contact point and can't regain it no matter where I press (I had the sweet spot once but then quickly lost it) it's stuck on the world map with no way to remove it because I can't find that contact point, if I could edit the spawning parameters so it stays vertical it's a simple matter of raising the height from then on to whatever ridiculous level I wish, right now it's a matter of making it vertical, then aligning it, and repeating the process over and over, but unfortunately I don't get far since I lose the contact point sometimes if I want to angle it or move it and it's such a pain. Having it spawn vertically would be super helpful and reduce the time spent just setting it up so I can instead focus on making whatever crazy thing I have in mind (right now it's a space tower with docking ports for the few spaceship models we have.

I have the same issue with the huge EVE ship model that WormSlayer made, but I found the contact point to be directly under it and so when I get it stuck in the ground I can find that point usually quickly, select and delete it, but I'm having a lot of trouble finding the contact point with this model, I had it once but when I move to the same spot and try to select it, no dice.

If you or someone else who knows how to edit spawning parameters could help I would hugely appreciate it, thanks again for the kickass models though.

EDIT: So I've managed to remove the model that was stuck in horizontal by exiting, removing the bridge file from the folder, loading the game, exiting again and putting it back, allowing me to start over, but this method doesn't always work for some reason either.

VERY VERY BEAUTIFUL models! Simply Magical! I downloaded but unfortunately don't work on the new version of outerra! I think it only support object files! I don't know if is possible to convert them and how to do it, or to put/use this structures i the new/last version of outerra! I would love to use them in the outerra to build city's and mega structures. If you or Outerra guys can help?!...  🙏👍


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