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Greeble City Release & Video

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Wow, that is amazing! And the music just brigs out the epicness. Hope to see more of your buildings in the future! :D
Great work, keep it up!

How can I place these in outerra? Using the importer?

If so, is there a DAE file somewhere?


Indeed you import it? Please some instructions for us :)

Very impressive models ! Thanks for sharing them

--- Quote ---Indeed you import it? Please some instructions for us

--- End quote ---

Place the folder in your Outerra packages folder
eg :
c:\Users\[name]\Outerra\packages\buildings for example.

and in Outerra, open the Builder ( F7 ) , the new buildings are in the list ; select one, clic somewhere on ground and  select "place". (you can move, rotate the object)

Hope this helps ;)

I was wondering if you might be willing to share the 3D files for these models? I would be willing to actually texture these models for you. if you like? If you would allow me to use them in another project?


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