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Happy New Year

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Happy New Year everyone!

Recently I've been working on physics for vehicles with swing axles. Here are some screens of Tatra T813 8x8 all-terrain truck with its characteristic independent swing half axles, going over some rough terrain on the mountain slopes.

The suspension seems to work as it should, although the values for the stiffness, damping and swing limits are just guesswork. Tire model isn't correct, so the wheels do not slip properly yet.

I shall make a video of it in motion, after we fix the model and the lighting and after the cockpit cameras are done.

All these vehicle features are very impressive. This makes for awesome game play.

These vehicle features are higher than NFS shift.They are truly detailed, the planes are as realistic as FSX. and please tell the over all size of this simulator.

Yea, it's looking promising so far.  Lots of nice features in the works it seems like.

Will there be a climate change occurring fast and slow?


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