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DDG-115 USS Rafael Peralta

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Hello All,

I am new here my name is Devin Rodrigues. I was recommended her from another forum member. I have been modeling ships for a long time but this is my first attempt at a Naval Vessel, i have made cruise ships, Greenpeace ships and sea shepherd ships. I really have never played with Outerra and have only seen beautiful renders from Bart. Im looking forward to learning how to use Outerra. Any How I Have been Working on this model for several months. She is almost Complete. I have to model the Bridge and the Turret needs to be put back on the Bow but other than that she is pretty much complete. I Hope this is the right section as well. She was modeled in Autodesk Inventor, Autodesk 3DS Max and SAP Visual Enterprise.

Name: USS Rafael Peralta
Type: Arleigh-Burke Class FLT IIA
Hull: 115
Status: Under Construction
Builder: General Dynamics (Bath Iron Works)
Operator: United States Navy
Top Speed: 42.5 Knots


Devin Rodrigues

Looks great :)

Wow! Glad to have you on board (pardon the pun)... once Cameni fixes waves it'll look right in place. I know nothing about importing, but there's lots of wonderful people here that do!
Could we have a look at those cruise ships you've made? Not everything in Outerra is military :P

Yes Sir,

Ive only really made one Cruise Ship the MS Queen Elizabeth and the Greenpeace Ship MV Esperanza

MV Esperanza

MS Queen Elizabeth

Lovely, can't wait.
If someone could put wheels on them, I definitely want an amphibious cruise ship!


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