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Author Topic: Feature Wishlist (vehicle features)  (Read 1688 times)


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Feature Wishlist (vehicle features)
« on: April 21, 2013, 10:42:36 am »

Here are some things I'd love to see in the engine at some point. 
Although some may already work in some way or another.

WishList Features/Misc :

- Proper Illum Support if doesn't exists. ex.( Illum turns "On" lights, as vehicle turns on, or on button press. )
- Brake Lights change illum based on value.
- Brake Audio Support.  (May already work?)
- Tire slip/squeal audio support. (May already work?)
- Burnout FX/Tire Smoke
- Tire Marks on terrain
- Proper Cubemap support, if doesn't exist already.
- Vehicle Damage (realtime vertex deform if possible.)
- Tires can "pop" or deflate under heavy impact or intense heat.