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Author Topic: Mouse-pointer for "sub-controls".  (Read 2400 times)


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Mouse-pointer for "sub-controls".
« on: April 22, 2013, 09:35:39 am »

(I know this has been lightly discussed.. but my 2cent  :))
I suggest mouse-pointer control in addition to hotkeys (view-bound or not) for vehicle sub controls (switches hatches so on), but also for things on the vehicle's outside.
I always felt more immersed with it, especially when reading panels to find things (zoom) instead of trying to remember a hotkey. Plus it's VERY rare in car games/sim.
Alone in the dark at least have a few functions although only fully view-bound.

Another thing is mouse-over to display info (eg damaged vehicle parts) this is used in E.G. motorm4x.