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I don't know if this has been discussed before, but this engine could have huge potential commercial applications in as much as companies (I'm thinking mostly shipping) could create and test new routes/efficiency in the engine before making any changes to their real world programs at huge expense. It might be worth contacting some companies once the engine is more developed as this could be a huge market. It might also be of interest to companies such as SpaceX or Lockheed Martin to test ballistics/projectiles over massive distances.

A couple of companies approached us already about using the engine for a large scale simulation, so there's definitely some development going on in this direction. However, it's usable mainly when you also need to see and interact with the simulation; route planning can be done on maps instead, more conveniently without the need for a 3D engine.

Sorry for the bump, but secretly I'm not sorry....

So long as the engine will remain/be available for those of us who have been around since these presently "Early" days and indie developers who want to also make some pretty amazing games.


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