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Creating mods for Outerra


To import a model, please see the documentation here: wiki:Importer and consult/seek help in the Importer, tools & Utilities board.

After you finish importing and tweaking your model, you should export it as an otx package, to make the installation easy for other users.

To pack the model, please first create a thumbnail image for it, giving it the same name as the objdef, but with the gif extension. The thumbnail file should be a gif image in resolution 64x36.
Then, inside the game, go to the object window, select the model and press export. You will be asked to select the destination folder where the Outerra model package file will be written. The file name will be in the format package.nickname.otx

The otx file contains your zipped model with all the necessary files. Anteworld registers itself as a handler of otx files, so other users just have to click on the file and let it be installed by Anteworld automatically.

To include the JSBSim files in directly in the model package:
[*] when making the model, copy the necessary xml files from aircraft and engine folders into your package folder, recreating the same directory structure, e.g:
note: direct.xml is required by the JSBSim, otherwise it will abort
[*] edit your objdef file and set "fdm_root_dir" : "./"
The JSBSim files will be automatically included in the otx file when you export the model.


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