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i'd love to see this

I would love to drive my car in Outerra, as I already made my Island's harbour and my own house in there :)

It's the BMW E87 1 series, and a quick googling resulted in finding some 3d models already.

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To any heroes that will take the time to help me with my request, I like to thank in advance  :)


--- Quote from: bugsblake on May 26, 2013, 08:52:41 am ---ok here we go...

bmw e30:

bmw m3 e92:

nissan skyline g35:

mitsubishi-lancer evo ix:

mitsubishi-lancer evo vi:

mitsubishi-lancer evo viii:

mitsubishi-lancer evo x:

nissan gtr:

that should get you started! :)

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Hello, I just downloaded some of these cars. I have the full version of outerra. In which folder should I put these in order to play them? and should I unzip them? I have tried "package" folder and "plugins" folder but I can't get them in the game.  I have also tried to find guides from this forum and from internet and I have not find any information.

So could someone help me and explain how should I install them please?  Thanks in advance!

You need to export the models as fbx from your 3D modelling software and then import the fbx from outerra.


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