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Well I think the poly limit is 65k for a single vehicle/object import. So maybe you could list the ones below 65k ;D

The limit is 64k for mesh, not for objects. Objects can have as much as you want, but the individual meshes have to be below 64k. That's because below 64k we can use 16bit index buffers, but else 32bit. Since splitting meshes is fairly trivial and it saves memory and bandwidth, it's required. Later the importer should be able to split them automatically.


--- Quote from: cameni on May 25, 2013, 02:45:59 pm ---... Later the importer should be able to split them automatically.

--- End quote ---

 .. that sounds nice


--- Quote from: bugsblake on May 25, 2013, 01:02:04 pm ---just so im sure, is this thread just asking for models so you can set them up in outerra yourself? or wanting the whole process done for you? because im new to this myself and still working on my first car but if its just models your after, i got a lot of them! no tanks or breakdown trucks (sorry guys) but a lot of road cars, pick ups, mpv, super cars, vans ect...

if others here are willing to to setup and share with the rest of the forum for all to have, im happy to give what i got! though be warned, the polly cound on theses cars go from 35k to 600k! some have textures, some dont. some done with v-ray, some not! some have engime under bonnet..... you get what im saying! all my models are 3ds max format! so if ur interested just ask!

anyway when i got time later i will i will upload any of the cars i have that are asked for here! know ive got a couple of evo's for sure! will have to see what else i got but not gonna list them all! too many! :)

--- End quote ---

Please do. If you have any of the cars I've listed above your post let me know. Thanks a bunch dude!! I'm new to all this, but I'm willing to learn, actualy I'd love to learn how to add stuff to Outerra.
Thanks again, it' smuch appreciated. :)

ok here we go...

bmw e30:

bmw m3 e92:

nissan skyline g35:

mitsubishi-lancer evo ix:

mitsubishi-lancer evo vi:

mitsubishi-lancer evo viii:

mitsubishi-lancer evo x:

nissan gtr:

that should get you started! :)


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