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Mats Abramson:
Hello, Mats from Sweden here. I have been in the train simming area since the first time with Microsoft train simulator back in 2001 and have created some DL:s for DTG:s TS20* during the years.

I have followed the Outerra project for long time with high interest and of course with specially interest for an eventually railway implementation.
I have on a Swedish train simulator forum since 2010 reported Outerra progress when something happends with the engine and/or railway related, the thread here:


Always pointing to the source thread here at Outerra.

Wellcome aboard, Mats!

That Himalayas and dirt road, Tatra, Cessna, and apache videos from 2010 are what got me here too, but I can't remember how I actually found them.

Ahh... pre-3D grass Outerra.  :)) :P That was a long time ago....


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