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Yeah, Steve here with an important update... I don't remember how I got here! May have been my friend Dr Nick who links "awesome" constantly on my Ventrilo. ventrilo://nyc02.artofwarcentral.com:8645/servername=ZeosNYC*Server

Bit about me I studied Architecture for a while but and ended up working towards a Networking Degree. The tech industry is such a soulless place accept for a few fields. Now I have shifted my focus towards my actual love, Home Theater. I guess it's just my compulsiveness that has always drawn me to adjust TV's in other peoples homes since I was a weee lad. I am in fact a quality whore. I like having neighbors complain when Jurassic Park is on and bragging about my monitor. Gives me a sense of accomplishment. Its why I am obsessed with Outerra to tell the truth. It's going to be the best game engine ever and I must be part of it.

Edited for drunkenness..

C. Shawn Smith:

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Hey I'm Cháoss, I'm 25 (or at least I will be in January) and live in Sheffield, England. I'm a games environment developer and texture artist

I'm more or less obsessed with virtual worlds and computer games (realistic/apocalyptic ones) and my dream is to create a vast realistic apocalyptic world for people to explore, live, survive, party, build and fight in (more of a virtual world than a game), the idea is to be more of a sandbox game than a game with xp, goals, missions or watnot, i would like it to be as realistic and vast as possible.

Anyway more about me, I love partying, raving, exploring abandoned buildings, going to the pub and being with friends.

C. Shawn Smith:
Nice visuals, and welcome :)

Actually Chaoss, the Outerra guys on more then one occasion have mentioned not having a texture artist. Plus you can't get more post apocalyptic then 5000+ years after man when all the ashes and charred earth has been torn away by time replaced with bunnies and blue skies. The kind of post apocalyptic place I can live with :P


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