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Stonehenge.otx (2.1 MB)

The real one is located at 51.1789, -1.8264, but the model looks pretty good anywhere :)

Cool. You should export it as an otx file - makes importing super easy.

Been meaning to ask about that; The export tab is only visible when I'm importing things, but it's always greyed out? Also; I've got a few otx files in my packages directory, but they dont show up on my lists of objects and vehicles?

Seems that people try it the hard way :D
With otx files, just launch them - or let them be open by Anteworld when downloading - they will be installed directly.

The export tab should not be visible when importing, but you can invoke the export either from the vehicles window, or from the builder window. There's an export button that will launch the export window for the selected vehicle/object.

Figured it out in the end and changed the rar's for otx's

I think seeing these disabled tabs all the time while importing was what confused me XD


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