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full vehicle setup 3ds max to outerra

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i dont have a mic! so thats why! i made it very clear what is being pressed and hover over buttons to give you time to see! the quality is clear enough to see everything.

plus if your not sure about anything you can always ask! im happy to help! ;)

No need to explain your equipment inventory, Blake.

And after careful thought, I've decided to amend my first response to simply encourage you to add a voiceover when you can.  You will magnify the effectiveness and utility of your tutorial many times over if you can do so.

My first response was unacceptably preachy.  Sorry about that.

its all good mate! i would have rather used a mic but was asked to do a tut by another member here! so thats what i came up with short notice.

may do another later with more advanced bits like shifter and pedals, speedo and revs! but will wait till i have the mic to do that! plus i need to learn a bit more about the script myself before trying to teach others!

Cool.  By the're clearly no newbie, dude. ;)

nah been into modding for years! all started back with gta vice city like some 10 years ago!

been using max on and off for about 8 years! so know my way around it well! just forget bits at times and have to look it up again! im far from a pro but i know what im doing! ......most of the time! :)


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