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Author Topic: Michel Ancel talks more about what he wants for Beyond Good & Evil 2  (Read 2538 times)


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I've played a lot of games, and Beyond Good & Evil is still one of my top 2 favorite games of all time (that aren't TF2  :P) 10 years later, only recently challenged by Bioshock Infinite (mainly for its story, which has come at a really hard-hitting time for me).  Undecided which I would put first, and I don't want to choose.

Anyways, we've known about BG&E 2 since at least its teaser trailer from 2008.  Since then, there's been a leaked demonstration gameplay footage as well as leaked old in-game development images.

The reason I'm posting this here, other than it being a really great game, is that Michel wants it to be BIG... potentially REALLY BIG.
But of course, things like this would probably still end up being scaled down, compared to what it might be in real life, for gameplay reasons.

Everyone should play Beyond Good & Evil.  It aged very well since 2003, and is currently less than $7 USD in the Steam Summer sale.
There's also the recent HD re-release only on PS3 and 360.
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"Perhaps this speaks to some larger trend within society today...  A prevailing desire on the part of indie developers to recreate the entire world into one where you can charge more than $15 for your game design degree coursework." - Yahtzee ;) :P