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Hey guys im Cronin the creator of StaleNation an up and coming zombie simulator game that will use this engine to execute the game effectively.

Over the last few days i have been searching for the perfect engine to host my massive scale project and an engine that allows javascript to be used. The aim was to find an engine capable of holding 1000km of terrain with over 45000 objects and then i found Outerra the icing on my cake. I plan on making my game with the following goals in mind.

1. The game will be a real life zombie simulator meaning i have to keep in mind realism to some degree at all times.

2. The game will eventually contain every city and town on the globe built in game using google maps as an aid during the lengthy process of terrain population.

3. Zombies must be realistic and have real life occurrences such as before the outbreak and after the outbreak.

4. The game will remain 100% non profit meaning all gained cash goes straight back into the game to aid its development.

With these goals in mind at all times i aim on walking into the abyss and creating the worlds first realistic zombie simulator game. Other titles in this genre such as DayZ and WarZ will not be anything similar so this game cannot be compared to them. Neither on the other hand will the game be like The Dead Linger or 7 Days To Die. Due to this our game is truly unique in its own right.

Gameplay will be focused on teamwork and survival in multiplayer gamemodes which will pull players together as well as apart. We plan on adding cosmetic features such as clan tattoos and emblems that can periodically be sprayed on buildings as a mark of territory. Loot in multiplayer gamemodes will be handled algorithmically with each building type having its own corresponding loot drops. Players will have the chance to place barricades on doors and hold out in buildings all across the game world. Players will also be able to make there own homes by placing and moving items here and there to suit there needs. Lockers and wardrobes will be used to store extra items as well as cars and other forms of transport. Players can even fly into space if they find a space ship and learn the astronaut class.

In singleplayer players can do all the same things as in multiplayer except play with others in an online experience. Players can also build there own map in a new gamemode that will eventually be released as a creative mode where we provide all of our assets and alow you to build what ever you can imagine.

Zombies are the main feature in our game therefore we will spend much time perfecting there movements and actions. Zombies will be found as individuals who you happen to stumble across or remote herds that you find on highways and in some cities. Be sure that you will never be to far away from a herd. Some zombies will even have a story to tell from there collectible wallets that you can pick up and read. There will also be outpost attacks if you ever find yourself in a safezone town where a zombie herd passes by and you are called upon to defend the safezone town or village. Zombies will be clever to the degree of hunting you down, They will do anything tat it takes to eat you.

Guns and weapons are you best friend in this new world you live in. Before the outbreak you have the cance to stock up on goods and items and after the outbreak you can loot the items. Rememebr in singleplayer items wont respawn every couple of minutes, that only happens in multiplayer. This means you have no choice but to move along. You will find and use weapons ranging from butter knifes to ACR 30s in game as well as gatlin guns and explosives.

You can drive almost any car van truck you can think of and fly some of the most well known aircraft around.

I hope you enjoyed my Intro to StaleNation.

I was asked on my other thread to further explain so heres the whole plan.


Outstanding news!!!

Do you have already a rough timeframe of what you expect the developement will take?
I can't wait to get my hands on this! For Multiplayer it would be cool if you would implement the OT AH64 with multipit, allowing one pilot and one weapons systems officer! Zombiesmashing the adult way!

Man, these are a lot of ideas. Developing a game of this weight you have to pay developers for two years. We are talking about 1-4 million dollars.

Btw i was reading "Professional Game Designer". "Professional" is a serious term and you are not allowed to use it until you are earning money as game designer. Sorry, but thats the meaning of professional. I dont think that you are earning money with game design because i assume your age at 16 or 17.

If i dont say im a professional game designer then people wont read my ideas with the same taught as if i said indie game developer. Ill change it to game developer to keep you happy :). Personally i dont see how age makes a difference and would like it to be kept out but i am for your information 17.

The current estimated timeframe is 6-8 months for an alpha that taking into consideration i still need an SDK for this engine so itll be out when the SDK for this is out. Multiplayer will not be implemented until singleplayer is pitch perfect and the game will be consuming no doubt. I have decided to use low poly zombies to reduce lag etc on the game. Buildings will be high poly and i plan by the full release of Beta to have every main city on the world. Then work on small town begins and ill be taking on level designers after that for population of different countries. The plan for flight at the moment is to have choppers a 6 man craft. 2 in the front, 3 sitting in the back and 1 on the gun.

Pupils dont earn money. Therefore i kept your age in mind. Without earning money you are no professional. Its that simple ;)

So you will spend the time not with waiting but creating content for your game?


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