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StaleNation Gameplay and ideas.

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The main focus for now is singleplayer with in game ai been very complex. Since my last talk with cameni last August I have gone and done two courses in ai development and plan on creating a stimulating singleplayer experience that will create a virtual simulation of a real zombie apocalypse much like the type the walking dead portrays. Multiplayer will follow but singleplayer will allow me to fine tune all of the bugs from the main game logic so I can then focus on multiplayer bugs which will come.

Status update for May 2014:

I have been coding some ai behaviours and some basic noise for loot and item spawns in buildings and on land. I have been using the Cryengine 3 Sdk for testing. So far the behaviours are working well with the zombies reacting perfectly when faced with obstacles and if the player is in line of sight or not. So far everything is going smoothly with the whole month of June been dedicated to modal design. Keep in touch guys :)

You are literally working faster than the entire DayZ dev team.


--- Quote from: ZeosPantera on May 29, 2014, 12:50:27 pm ---You are literally working faster than the entire DayZ dev team.

--- End quote ---

Hahaha,it's funny just how true that is!

Have you concidered writing a full development plan and start a crowdfunding page? (kickstarter?)
You could use the money to buy 3d assets, hire freelance coders and get your own servers set-up for your webpage and game distribution.

StaleNation sounds like something great.


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