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Pupils can earn money by working hard on there ideas which can then fund the project or fund another project. Yes while i wait for this engine to be released i will be making the models and scripts and testing them in cryengine 3. I will then make changes etc according to how the scripts look in game.

Pupil is the professional title. You cannot be pupil AND professional game designer. Its a XOR condition.

I dont think it matters at all. Your picking on things that make no difference at all. Just forget about it.

Hey guys just a status update on the games progress. We have finished scripting the entire game and features such as UI and now we are moving onto 3d models and how we will implement the worlds towns and cities into the map.

You mention single player,a game of this scale...single player seems odd. I wouldn't want to have the whole world to myself I'd rather share it. I personally believe multiplayer should be the main focus. Then again i'm bad at interpreting,is multiplayer the main focus?


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